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Pontypool personalities – the Pearce brothers

January 20, 2013


I’ve had a number of emails from visitors to this blog who have discovered information and pictures about their family. A lot of people these days are scouring the internet looking for such information and many have discovered this blog quite by accident when engaged in this activity.

The Pearce brothers were well known and active in the Pontypool area over 70 years ago so I am publishing below an article about them which appeared in the Weekly Argus of 26th July 1941.


 5 bros enhanced

“Five Pontypool brothers known in South Wales athletic circles as “The Pearce Brothers”, are serving in the Home Guard. They stick by each other in all they do.

“They were all educated at the same school, work in the same colliery and live within a radius of half a mile of Upper Race, Pontypool. They are seldom separated by any great distance, go about together and find brotherly tolerance second nature to them.

“Known to many as “The Inseparables”, John, Will, James, George and Bert Pearce are the sons of Mr and Mrs R. Pearce of Race House, Pontypool. Their ages range from 24 to 36. Before they went to work underground at Glyntillery Colliery they were educated at Pontymoel School.

“James, the third brother, who ran for Wales in the 1938 cross country championship in Ireland, told a South Wales Argus reporter other interesting facts. The brothers all work the day shift in the colliery where they are employed as miners, and when they hew the coal out of the mine they are never separated by more than three-quarters of a mile.

“‘We all decided to join the Home Guard soon after it was formed,’ he said. ‘We are in the same company. Until recently we performed our duties together and did our training at the same time as each other.’


“‘Before the war we started running to train for football. Then we formed the Upper Race Athletic Club and the five of us with Reg (another brother serving in the RASC and reported missing from April 28th) competed at many athletic meetings. Two years ago Bert won the Argus Road Walk. Last year he won the mile in the Pontypool Hospital Carnival Sports. We are always together. Christmas mornings we celebrate in each other’s company.’

“Eldest brother is John aged 36. He was 31 before he took up running. At Newport he won two non-harriers events. He is also a pigeon fancier.

“Will, aged 34, is secretary of the Upper Race Pigeon Club. James, 32 lives with his parents. George 28 likes to be known as ‘just one of the crowd’. Bert is 24 and has won many racing events in the Eastern Valley.

“Mrs Pearce is proud of her sons. ‘They never have a cross word’, she says.