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Old photographs of Pontypool carnival in the park

March 15, 2011

Here are some more of the photographs sent in by Terry Stunden. These are all about the carnival which was held in the park. I’ve also included a photograph of the park gates at Pontymoile. If you have a good look at these gates you will see that there are several bunches of grapes on it. One of them is missing! When I was at West Mon I remember one of my teachers talking about this and he told us that the Italian artist who had made the gates didn’t notice his omission until it was too late to rectify his mistake and, as a result, he committed suicide. I don’t know how true this story is. It sounds rather drastic to me.

For those visitors who like to look at these old photographs, I plan to post more on the next two Tuesdays at 11.00 a.m. So, if you are collecting these photographs you now know the day and time to look for them.

The park gates at Pontymoile

The park lake was another favourite playing place for my friends and I. Apart from the lake itself, there was a stream above which fed into the lake and below the lake another stream, all of which afforded a lot of fun making dams and jumping from one side to the other. There was also a variety of creatures which lived in the streams and the lake. In one of my very early posts I mentioned that I wrote my first poem about this lake.

Pontypool park lake

Below are four photographs of the carnival. Two are of the carnival queen and her court ladies. The quality of these old black and white photographs was not very good in those days. I’ve tried to enhance them slightly on my computer so there might be some ladies in the photographs that someone might recognise. If so, please let me know who they are.


Pontypool carnival queens

It looks to me as though these photographs were taken just in front of the grandstand, assuming that it was there at that time. Behind the groups you can make out the bank where we used to sit to see all the carnival activities. In the lower shot you can see the path along the bank. If any eagle-eyed visitor can help to date these photographs that would be great.

Two photographs of the carnival

I’m not sure what is going on in the above two photographs but it looks to me like part of the general procession which used to wend its way through town and end up in the park where the judging took place.

I hope you enjoyed the photographs. See you next Tuesday.