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Pontypool Home Guard on Parade in the Park

December 2, 2011

I dealt with Pontypool’s Dad’s Army much earlier in this blog. Michael Taylor has kindly sent me some photographs of the Home Guard taken in 1943. It was a celebration of the third year of the forming of the Hone Guard. At the march past the salute was taken by Major-general J.G.Halstead.

Pontypool Home Guard marching into the park. In the background is the
Girls’ Convent School, now St Alban’s Comprehensive School.

The march past. To the right, standing on the dais is Major-general J.G.Halstead.

Another section of the parade.

It must have seemed like a never-ending line.

Major-general J.G.Halstead inspecting the troops.
The park bandstand is just visible in the background. 

Michael told me that he has recognised his own Dad in the photographs. Perhaps visitors will also see someone they know.