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Pontypool people really seem to be world travellers

January 1, 2012


From time to time I have briefly mentioned the fact that I receive emails and phone calls from various parts of the world, so I have suspected for some time that it must be from people who have moved from Pontypool to some other country. However, for the first time the good people at WordPress – the organisation which offers the facilities to run blogs – have sent me a report on my blog for the year 2011. I found it absolutely fascinating, particularly finding that people from no less than 24 countries have visited this blog during the past year.

I thought that visitors might be interested in the assortment of information which has been provided in this report, particularly as some of you are named in it.

The visitors from the various continents are treated as a separate entity as follows:


UK 94%
France 2.6%
Germany 1.1%
Netherlands 0.4%
Spain 0.3%

North America

United States 81.5%
Canada 17.7%
Cayman Islands 0.5%
St Lucia 0.3%


India 32.5%
Malaysia 20.3%
Indonesia 10.6%
Kuwait 5.7%
Singapore 4.8%


Australia 81.6%
New Zealand 18.4%


South Africa 60%
Zimbabwe 20%
Kenya 20%

South America

Brazil 54.2%
Peru 25%
Colombia 8.3%
Ecuador 4.2%
Argentina 4.2%

Now you know what I mean when I say that Pontypool people are world travellers. I feel quite a small fry by comparison. Apart from two years living in Africa I merely moved to Cardiff and Newport.

The WordPress report was presented in an attractive and graphic way so I print the report in the following pictures:

Well, there you have it. That’s the complete report. If any of the visitors from the far-flung parts of the globe would like to write in with some of their Pontypool memories, I’d like to hear from them.