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Ragtime comes to Pontypool

November 13, 2011

Ragtime music was at its peak between 1897 and 1918. The main characteristic of this genre was its ragged or syncopated style. It started life in America in such cities as St Louis and New Orleans. It was a mongrel type of music produced by Sousa’s marches and African music.

One of the leaders in this style of music was Scott Joplin who, in 1899 composed his “Maple Leaf Rag”. Just click here to hear it on YouTube and use your back button to return to the blog:

 Here is a copy of the cover of the sheet music published at that time.

 I’m indebted to Harold Clarke for the following information:

 “I am attaching a photo of a group calling themselves the Ragtimers.  If you consider it of enough interest to put on the blog it might turn up some information as I can find nothing out about this group but the fact it is a photo approximately twenty by fourteen inches taken about 1916. This date arrived at by guessing the age of my wife’s father 3rd from left 2nd row would suggest they might have been quite well known around the area.”

Bearing in mind what I have said above, Harold’s estimate of the date – 1916 – would appear to be about right. If any visitor can shed any light on the Ragtimers, and if anyone can identify any of the group I’m sure Harold will be interested.

Pontypool Ragtimers