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Further news about the snowfall of 1947

July 28, 2013

Regular visitors to this blog might remember an early posting:

Recently I received another email from Geoff Lloyd who has memories of this occasion. He also sent me three photographs, all of  which I share with you below.

Many thanks Geoff.

I well remember the 1947 Snows, living on Varteg Lane, Varteg. The snow drifts in some places were up to the first floor windows and people had to dig a tunnel out. We schoolboys were quite happy as it meant no school for about 3 weeks.

The local coal miners were of course unable to get to the pits and together with all the other residents had to dig out the road to Garndiffaith so that supplies of bread and milk could be delivered.

Searching through my photographs I have found 2 of the road being dug out – the car belonged to my father, Herbert Lloyd, and he was waiting for it to be clear so that he could drive down to Garn & Varteg Co-op Chemist’s Shop at Garndiffaith, where he was the pharmacist in charge. There is also a photograph taken about 1936 of him outside the Chemists, some of your very old contacts may remember the shop.”


Herbert Lloyd’s car

Digging out the road at Varteg


Herbert Lloyd standing outside his chemist’s shop