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Bigamist gets married in Pontypool and gets three years in Chelmsford

October 2, 2013

A man who got married in Pontypool in 1945 later committed bigamy in 1949. Whilst staying in a hotel with his bigamous wife, he seemed to have run out of cash, so telegraphed his first wife and asked her to pay the hotel bill. Now how’s that for real cool cheek ???

Here’s the account which appeared in a newspaper at the time:




 Brynley George Davies, a 26-year-old freelance surveyor, formerly of Oakleigh Park Drive, Leigh, was at Essex Assize at Chelmsford on Tuesday sentenced to three years imprisonment for bigamy while at Southend and obtaining a cheque for £50 by false pretences.

Mr J.C.Llewellyn said the legal marriage was at Pontypool in February 1945, Davies having met his wife when he was serving in the Fleet Air Arm and she was on war work.

Then in November 1949, he went through the bigamous marriage with Mrs Patricia Jean Gregg, whom he met at a dance. He told a lot of fairy stories about his background; one was that he was a major in the army in receipt of £20 a week.

Mrs Gregg had just divorced her own husband, and Davies, quite untruthfully, told her that he had just divorced his wife.

While at an hotel in Cardiff with the bigamous wife he got into difficulties and telegraphed the lawful wife asking her to pay the hotel bill.

The false pretences charge related to a painting contract.

Davies, it was stated, had served a sentence for false pretences. His father had used all his own savings to meet his debts and wished to have nothing more to do with him.

Mrs Gregg, an attractive young woman, told the judge that she wished to have nothing more to do with Davies.

Mr Justice Stable described the bigamy as a most disgraceful culpable fraud on a respectable woman. “It was as bad as rape,” he said.”



So, if by any chance, you are approached by a 92-year-old secondhand car salesman by the name of Brynley George Davies, take care!