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Is this how you remember the Donkey Steps and Gibson Square?

May 23, 2011

So far I’ve not received any further information about the Donkey Steps and Gibson Square, and certainly no photographs. Therefore I’ve decided to draw a rough sketch of both from my own memory of them over 70 years ago. I found this rather difficult as I was trying to draw something I couldn’t see and could only vaguely remember in an imperfect way. This has resulted in a pretty awful drawing. Still, this might start a few other memories stirring and I might possibly end up with a reasonably accurate drawing.

I enclose a copy of my sketch hoping I’ll get some information on the following questions:

1. Do you know what two buildings were on either side of the entrance to the steps on the Bell Pitch?

2. Do you know how many steps were in each flight and how many flights there were?

3. I know the steps were curved. Have I got the curve more or less correct?

4. Were the Gibson Square houses two or three storeys?

I remember that the wall in front of the Gibson Square houses was short enough for us to look over the top and down into the bottom floor of the houses which was below ground level.

Please email me with any information you might remember or leave a comment.

My rough sketch of the Donkey Steps and Gibson Square houses