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Titch’s Secret Society Chapter 5

March 10, 2012


Collecting the Evidence

Although the boys had agreed to meet at 10 o’clock, Gogs, in a high state of excitement because of the forthcoming meeting, started to call on his friends shortly after nine, and by half past nine had succeeded in collecting Miff and Smudgie together. These three boys, who all lived in the same street, then walked around the block of houses to call for Titch.

On walking round to the back door of the house they found Titch sitting in a chair on the lawn writing in a small notebook. His thoughtful, frowning expression changed to a broad grin at the arrival of his friends.

They found Titch sitting in a chair on the lawn

    “Oh good!” he exclaimed. “I was hoping you’d be early.” He rose quickly out of the chair and ran to the back door of the house to tell his mother he was going. Then, ramming the notebook and pencil into the pocket of his jacket, he joined his companions, and the four of them made their way down to the coast road.

When they arrived at Bunny’s house they found him examining a large pegged out rectangle of earth which had been prepared the day before in readiness for the erection of the new shed.

“Hi boys!” he called as he came over to join them by the greenhouse. The five of them were soon inside seated on boxes and various large upturned earthenware pots.

Titch got down to business straight away by producing his notebook. “I was thinking about all yesterday’s happenings when I was lying in bed last night,” he said, “and after breakfast this morning I decided to make a few notes on the whole business.”

“Wicked!” exclaimed Miff in admiration as he looked over Titch’s shoulder at the pageful of neatly written notes. “What’s all that for?”

“Well,” replied Titch, “I’ve read in books that the best way to investigate any matter is to write down all the evidence and examine it.”

“That’s cool!” exclaimed Bunny. “How much evidence have we got up to now?”

“Yes, read out what you’ve written in your book, Titch,” said Gogs becoming very enthusiastic about the matter.

“Right,” replied Titch. “I’ll read out the main facts. You can all listen to see whether I’ve missed anything out.” Titch’s freckled face took on a business-like frown and he began to read.

“Friday. Bunny, Gogs, Miff, Smudgie and Titch play cricket on the common. Ball knocked into abbey ruins and is lost. We look carefully for it and find nothing. Suddenly, without being seen approaching, a man appears at entrance to old passage. He wants to get rid of us. Another man appears. Says he belongs to a society investigating story of abbey ghost. Says they have put scanning equipment in abbey. Seems anxious to get rid of us. Gives Bunny £5 for new ball.”

“Great!” exclaimed Miff in admiration. “Fancy writing all that without any help.”

“Bet it’s full of spelling mistakes,” claimed Smudgie.

“You wouldn’t be able to tell anyway,” returned Miff defending Titch’s talent.

Seeing that another brawl might start, Titch tactfully came in. “Never mind about spelling, it’s the evidence that matters. Do we all agree that what I’ve written down is correct? Have I missed anything out?”

“No, I think you’ve got it all there,” said Bunny. “It sounds jolly good to me. There’s only one thing though; it isn’t much evidence is it?”

“Oh no,” agreed Titch quickly. “I know that, and that’s why I wanted us to meet here today.”

“How will that help?” asked Smudgie.

“Well,” replied Titch, “we’ve got to get some more evidence. Right?”

“Where from?” queried Gogs.

“That’s what we’re going to decide now.”

“You mean we’ll sort of have to watch out for things,” drawled Gogs trying to be helpful. “Like we did when we saw that white van which was always outside the school with the driver always talking to the kids.”

“Oh yeah! I remember that,” chimed in Miff. When we told the Head that it looked suspicious, he contacted the police and they discovered the driver and his wife were drug pushers.”

“Dirty kid killers!” snarled Bunny in disgust.

“You weren’t one of their customers were you Gogs?” teased Miff.

“Huh!” returned Gogs. “I mightn’t be the sharpest pencil in the box, but I’m not dim enough to start taking drugs. You’ve got to be a right idiot to do that.”

“Right!” said Titch. “We did our bit to help to sort that out, but this time things are a bit different. We’ll have to do more than just watch out for things. We’ll have to go looking for ’em.”

“You mean we’ll have to investigate?” queried Bunny.

“Exactly! We’ll have to investigate those men investigating the abbey ghost.”