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Old photographs of Clarence area

March 22, 2011

I’m trying to establish some sort of theme for these old photographs in case some visitors might have a special interest. Last week the theme was the Pontypool carnival. This time there are only three photographs and they are about the Clarence and Rockhill Road slightly beyond it.

Clarence corner

This looks like a really old photograph of Clarence corner. Notice the cloud of smoke coming from the gasworks over on the right. On the left two people are standing. I remember that area quite well because it was somewhere about there that Dr Siddons had his surgery. I visited the place on a number of occasions with my mother, sometimes in a state of fear and trembling. I recall that he had his own dispensary adjoining the surgery. I think my parents used to pay 2/6 a quarter to be members of his surgery and this included any medicines which might be provided.

The Clarence Hotel

The Clarence Hotel was considered to be the “posh” hotel in Pontypool. On the left you can just see the RAC sign of approval.

Corner of Rockhill Road

This looks like a very old photograph of Rockhill Road. I assume it IS Rockhill Road; I can’t think of anywhere else that looks like this picture. I imagine that the Pontymoile park gates are down to the right on the road in view.