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Titch’s Secret Society Chapter 7

March 24, 2012


Pontyrabad Secret Society

    Bunny’s hand shot up. “I have an idea! As we live in Pontyrabad, I suggest we call ourselves The Pontyrabad Secret Society.”

“Cool idea!” exclaimed Gogs jumping up again and flapping his hands about until pulled down unceremoniously by Smudgie.

“Makes sense,” added Titch. “In my book it says we have to vote. If you agree just put your hand up.” Five hands shot up. Titch wrote down the name on a new page of his notebook.

Having done this he turned to the centre of his book and tore out two pages which he ripped into a number of small rectangles. He handed a few to each boy.

“Now then,” he said “we must elect the officers.”

“What do we do?” asked Smudgie.

“First of all we must write down the name of the one we would like to be chairman or chief.”

“Let’s call him Chief,” said Bunny. “I think it sounds more like a secret society.” The others agreed.

“All right,” agreed Titch. “Just write one name, and remember, you can’t write your own.”

There was silence for a few moments broken only by the occasional scribble of a pencil. Then Titch announced: “Now fold them up and put them in this pot.” The pot was handed around the circle and then back to Titch who took out the papers, unfolded them and read out the result.

“There are four for me and one for Bunny. That means I’ve been elected Chief.”

The others clapped their hands at this as they always looked to Titch for a lead in all things. Gogs once more stood up and waved his fist in the air until pulled down by Smudgie.

“Now we must have a secretary,” said Titch. Another period of silence followed, the papers were collected and amidst more general applause, and flapping by Gogs, Bunny was pronounced Secretary.

Again they went through the same procedure for the post of treasurer and by two votes to three Smudgie was elected. Suddenly Gogs flopped onto his stone seat and looked miserably around the circle.

“What’s the good of having a Treasurer?” he said. “We haven’t got any money.”

The others looked doubtful and Titch frowned thoughtfully. It was Bunny who saved the situation.

“I know,” he said, “we can put the five pound note that man gave me into the Society’s funds.”

“Wicked! You’re a real brick Bunny,” exclaimed Miff appreciatively.

“That’s jolly good of you,” added Titch with a broad smile.

“Oh, good! What do we do next?” asked Gogs, his enthusiasm having been revived by Bunny’s generous offer.

“Now that we’ve formed our Pontyrabad Secret Society,” resumed Titch, “the next thing is to make the rules.”

“Yes, what rules’ll we have?” enthused Gogs.

“All the secret societies I’ve heard about always had a password,” stated Bunny. “Shouldn’t we have one Titch?”

“What a great idea,” said Titch. “A password is jolly useful.”

“How can a word be useful?” asked Smudgie.

“Well, a password is a special sort of word that only the members of a society know,” answered Bunny. “It’s the same as the password you use on a computer to see certain files and so on.”

“Yes,” agreed Titch. “It says in this book that when the secret society has a  meeting, everyone has to give the password before they are allowed in. And it also says that we should also have a secret knock so that we’ll know whether it’s a member or someone else knocking at the door.”

The others agreed that a secret knock would also be most useful and for the next few minutes nothing could be heard but a barrage of tapping with various stones. After considerable argument about the merits of the various knocks suggested, the five decided to adopt the one suggested by Bunny.

“Listen, all of you!” ordered Titch in a voice full of authority and most suited to the Chief of the Pontyrabad Secret Society. “Do the knock again, Bunny. It’s jolly good.”

The others listened as Bunny demonstrated. He gave one knock followed by a silent count of two, then three more knocks in quick succession, another silent count of two, and one final knock. This was practised by all five for a few moments to make sure they had it right, and then Titch handed his notebook over to Bunny, as Secretary, to write down the secret knock.

“And now we want a password,” stated Titch. “It’s got to be a special sort of word, not one that people use a lot.”

“How about influenza?” suggested Miff.

“Don’t be daft, that’s a disease,” said Smudgie with a look of disgust.

There was a period of silence eventually broken by Gogs who sprang up with a shout. “I’ve got one! How about ‘Cavalier’?”

“Yes . . .that’s not bad. In fact it sounds really good,” said Titch.

“Fancy old Gogs thinking up a big word like that,” said Smudgie in surprise.

“Yes, you’re a cool dude Gogs,” said Bunny.     “Where’d you get that word from?”

“Our lounge at home,” replied Gogs. “We’ve got a picture of a man in a big hat hanging on the wall, and underneath it says ‘Laughing Cavalier’.”

“Well done Gogs,” said Titch. “Write it down in the notebook Bunny.”

“Got it! Any other rules now Titch?”

“Yes, I think we should write down the object of our Secret Society,” replied Titch. “But we’ve already agreed on that. Just write down that we are going to investigate the activities of the men we met at the old abbey.”

Bunny asked Titch to look at his notebook

    When he’d finished writing, Bunny asked Titch to look at his notebook in case he’d made any mistakes. Then he handed the notebook to Titch for his inspection.

“Mmmm . . . yes, I think that’s all” said Titch with an air of finality. “Now each one of us will have to write out these rules on a piece of paper and keep it safe. And whatever happens don’t tell anyone and don’t let another living soul see it.”

The others agreed most emphatically that their rules should be kept absolutely secret. They would tell no one.

“And now I declare this meeting closed,” said Titch. “We’ll meet again at half-past two this afternoon to make more plans for investigating. Can we meet in your greenhouse Bunny?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And while we’re having dinner,” added Titch, we can all think of a good place to hold our meetings.” Suddenly he stopped in his tracks and looked thoughtfully at the ground. “Yes! I think I know of a really secret place we could meet, but we’ll have to make it.”

“Make it?” queried Miff. “How do we do that?”

“It’s only an idea at the moment but I think it might be possible. I’’l tell you all about it this afternoon.”