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Titch’s Secret Society Chapter 19

June 16, 2012


In a jam

The boss of the gang came along the passage hauling the struggling and protesting Miff by one arm. As he came through the archway the man looked at Titch with great surprise. Titch grabbed his opportunity and made a dash for it past the man who immediately cried out. “Mason! Lefty! Quick, grab these kids! They’ve been spying!”

Both men came running towards their boss. “One’s gone up the passage. Get him Mason!” he bellowed.

Titch flicked on his torch and ran as fast as he could. The light bounced around and reflected off the wet shining walls. He could hear Mason’s feet pounding on the damp gravel some way behind him as he gradually got nearer. Titch’s feet slithered about as he rounded a sharp corner. He went down on one knee but regained his feet in an instant and continued to run. On the straight stretch of the tunnel he realised that Mason could actually see him. “You won’t get away!” he bellowed.

Titch ran harder than ever and his thighs began to ache with the effort. He slithered around corner after corner. He realized that, as his pursuer was bigger, he was bound to catch up with him.

Then he suddenly remembered one of the tricks his father had taught him when he was a new boy at his school and some cowardly bullies started to throw their weight about. Titch’s father had served in the SAS and had taught him some effective ways of dealing with bullies even if they were bigger.

Now he remembered his father telling him about dealing with someone who was chasing him. He put his plan into action as soon as he rounded the next corner.  He flung himself down to the ground and stuck out his left leg. As Mason rounded the corner he didn’t notice what Titch had done until it was too late. Both his feet hit Titch’s outstretched leg and he went flying along the wet gritty tunnel crashing into the wall. As Titch got to his feet and continued his escape he could hear Mason’s loud and angry swearing behind him.

He was slightly encouraged when he saw the end of the tunnel. He shone his torch beam on the door. It was shut and he could actually see the red stone that he knew would open it. He knew Mason was only about twenty paces behind him. He almost crashed into the wall. He saw the red stone and banged it hard. The door started to open but it moved towards him so he had to step back to try to get through. As he rounded the door he felt a rough hand on his shoulders as Mason grabbed him.

Titch felt a rough hand on his shoulder as Mason grabbed him

    “Got you, you little wretch! I told you you wouldn’t get away.” He grabbed the panting Titch roughly by the scruff of his neck. “Come on ! You can come and join your pals.”

“Let me go you thug!” yelled Titch giving the man a hearty kick on the shins. Mason gave a cry of pain. He responded with a powerful cuff to Titch’s head that made him feel dizzy. He was half carried and half dragged down the passageway and along to the rock cavern.

“I’ve got him boss!” panted Mason pulling his captive over to the group of men. One of them was tying up Miff. When Titch was also securely tied the boss turned to the five men.

“Now, what do you fools think you’ve been doing? What did you want to bring these kids down here for?”

“They were snoopin’ round boss,” said Mason. “We thought they might have known too much, so we thought it best to grab ’em.”

“Blithering idiots!” stormed the boss. “What could they have possibly found out there? They could have serached for a month without finding anything.”

“But boss . . .” protested Lefty.

“Quiet!” returned the other. “Now you’ve brought them down here they’ve seen everything. Luckily this little fool ran into me on the common. As it was dark he didn’t recognise me. He blurted out what had happened and said he was running for help, so I grabbed him.”

There was silence for a moment, then the boss spoke again, quietly and in a determined voice. “Well, there’s only one thing to do. We’ll have to get rid of them. We’ll leave them tied up here when we go out in the boats. In about four hours this place will be full of sea water right up to the roof.”

“Great idea boss,” said Lefty with a cruel grin on his scarred face. “Nobody’ll ever find ’em in here. They’ll just be missing and nobody’ll ever know why.”