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The Swan Inn Freehold Land/Pontypool vandalism/ sea rescue

March 20, 2012


Today’s posting is something of a miscellany:


A friend of mine recently asked whether I had a photograph of the Swan Inn, Freehold Land, Pontnewynydd. He wants one for his father who actually does have a photograph of the Swan but there are so many people standing outside it that the building itself can scarcely be seen. He tells me that the building no longer exists.

So if any visitor who lives, or used to live,  in the Freehold Land or George Street area has a photograph of the Swan Inn I should be delighted to hear from them. If no photograph is available it would be helpful to know where the inn used to be.



If you are under the impression that vandalism is something new you might like to know that this is far from being the case. In late October 1934 some knuckle-head went in for some widespread vandalism in Pontypool town centre, namely George Street and Commercial Street.

Using a glass cutter, the person or persons concerned slashed a 200 yard stretch of shop windows.



After my earlier posting about the nine people who were drowned in the Glyn Ponds, you might like to hear about someone from Pontypool who was rescued from drowning.

Miss Marjorie Jones, aged 19, lived in Fowler Street, Pontypool and, like so many people in those days, decided to go for a swim in Barry. The day was Saturday, 10th September 1932. While swimming in the sea she got into difficulties and was in danger of drowning. Fortunately, on that same day, and only 50 yards away the Barry Amateur Swimming Club, which had been formed just six years earlier, were holding their gala. On being alerted to Miss Jones’s plight, some men left the gala, dived into the sea and rescued her.