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Do you remember Archibald Carlyle Thompson?

April 4, 2013


As I’ve mentioned previously, I get quite a number of emails from people who are researching their family tree. On a few occasions I have been able to help them personally but, usually it’s a visitor to this blog who is able to provide information. Today I received the following email from Jayne Ward. It’s quite clear and self-explanatory and her email address is also provided, so if you can help please contact Jayne direct by email. If you cannot do this for any reason then please send the information to me and I will pass it on.

Dear David

I am researching my family tree and I wonder if you could post the following on your Old Pontypool Blog please?

I am trying to trace the relatives of my maternal grandfather, Archibald Carlyle Thompson.  He was born in 1897 in Sebastopol.  He was the eldest son of Arthur Thompson and Mary Jane Phillips and they lived at 4 Moseley Terrace, Pontrhydyrun.  Archibald had 6 siblings, Edith May (born 1898), Maria (born 1901), Charles (born 1903), Bill (born 1905), Mary Rose (born 1907) and Harry (born 1910).

From my family tree research it would appear that Maria married Benjamin Butler in 1921, Charles married Annie Desmond in 1936, Bill married Doris Morgan in 1934, Mary Rose married Cyril Davies in 1928 and Harry married Ellen Probert in 1933.

The Thompson family have lived in the Pontypool area since 1861 when John and Sarah Thompson moved there from London.

After WW1 Archibald moved to the West Midlands, married and had five children.  He died in 1942 when my Mom was 4.

My family visited Archibalds brother Bill and his wife Doris in 1974.  They lived in Tranch Road Pontypool.  I met their daughter Agnes and her husband Brian Roberts on that visit.  They had a daughter called Melanie.  Bill wroteregularly to my Mom during 1974, giving details about his brothers and sisters and I still have his letters.

If anybody has any information that could help me and would like to get in touch, my email address is


Many thanks for your help David.  I found your blog really interesting.

Kind regards

Jayne Ward