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Annie from Penygarn – the book

March 5, 2013

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Visitors might remember a post about Annie from Penygarn a little while ago. I’ve just received some further information from Steve Parry about the book and its availability.

You might like to look at the short video about it where you can see a good selection of photographs. To see it just click here:
f for any reason this does not work, just copy the URL into your address bar.

Annie From Penygarn

September 30, 2012

Today I had another email from Steve Parry about “Annie From Penygarn”. It’s a most interesting blog which I thoroughly enjoyed. As I am now getting over 1,400 hits on this blog every week from all over the world, it seems that there is a lot of interest in what was happening in the Pontypool area in the first half of the twentieth century; therefore I am publishing below the email I received from Steve.

By clicking on the live blue underlined link below you will be taken straight to the blog. Also, the good news is – for those who are not online – the blog has now been published in book format. You will see details about ordering the book. This is what I did with my own blog and the book proved to be very popular. All copies are now sold and the book is out of print.

Here is the copy of Steve’s email:

“Hi David,

Hoping you are well – I keep revisiting the blog – wonderful.

There have been developments regarding the Annie from Peny

garn Blog.

 There is now a physical book edition – that can be ordered at the bottom of the on-line blog page.

Exciting times.

Keep up the great work David

Kind regards


Another blog about some Pontypool characters

February 28, 2012


Stories from a South Wales Valley

I have recently been in touch with Steve Parry who came across this blog and who lives in York. His mother and father are both from Pontypool and he was born in Panteg Hospital in 1958. He says that his Mum is full of stories of her growing up in Pontypool.

He says that his mother is a Curtis by birth and that her stories are about the Curtis/Hughes/Gregory families. Steve has put some photographs on the site. He says he regularly returns home to wander the family sites. Yes, the pull of the valleys never goes away!

I’m quite certain that visitors to this blog will love to read Steve’s. I’ve just done so and I found it very evocative of past times, many of which I’ve written about in previous posts. It’s called “Annie from Penygarn” – Stories from a South Wales Valley.  Just click here to read it: