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Information needed about people from North Rd and Edward St

June 27, 2013

My blog has now been running for exactly 5 years this month. During that time 115,575 hits have been recorded on it. A good number of people have come across it by accident while searching for family members. One person who did this quite recently is Adele Reynolds (nee Thomas). I publish below the email I received from her and also a photograph of her great-grandfather and grandmother.

“I have recently stumbled upon what I believe is your blog about Old Pontypool and do hope I have found the correct contact details for you.

 I was born in 1974 in Pontypool and moved to 90, North Road in 1976 and all of my father’s (Malcolm Thomas 1953 – 2007) family that I know of are or were from Pontypool too. 

My Grandparents, Glenys Thomas nee Gardner (1929 – 2013) and Kenneth Thomas (1925 – 2012) lived at 100, North Road. 

My Great Grandmother, Susan Elizabeth Turton nee Harrison (I think) (1903 – 1995) lived at 55, Edward Street. (Her last name is from her second marriage, she was previously married to Glenys’ father Mr Gardner.) However I am struggling to find information on my blood Great Grandfather although I do have a photo. 

Picture 1
My great-Nana Turton with her husband

What I really want to find out is any information anyone may have with regard to my Grandfather Kenneth and his family, I have been told his father Ernie, kept Shire horses and that he was married to a lady called Mary (this was his second marriage I have no information about my Grandfather’s mother). Kenneth had a brother called Ernie and a sister called Gwyneira (sp?).

If you can help with anything I would be eternally grateful as I have started a family tree on and I have come to a complete standstill. Times like these I want to call my Nana who passed away just a month ago, why I never asked before is beyond me.  

If the blog is indeed yours many thanks, I have learned so much about the place I will always call home.”

If any visitor can supply any information on Adele’s family I’m sure she’d like to hear about it. Please either write a comment or send me the information and I shall pass it on. I notice that Glenys Gardner, Adele’s grandmother was born the same year as I. As she lived in North Road she would have attended either Town School or Park Terrace. As I don’t recall her name (though I don’t profess to remember all the names of those in my class) it’s likely she attended Park Terrace. Does anyone, now aged about 83, remember her?