There is so much to write about old Pontypool. I have so many memories of events, places and people. Some of the more dramatic and important events have had a greater impact on my memory so I will not be writing everything in chronological order; I think this would make for a rather dull and uninteresting blog. So I must ask readers to pardon my jumping around in time quite a bit.

I shall be mentioning quite a few names and posting some pictures. I hope this won’t be a one-way affair and if anyone has memories they would like to contribute, I shall be very pleased to hear from them. If you don’t want to make an official comment by clicking on the “no comment” at the end of a blog (quite an easy thing to do) then you can email me at:  david.hughes43@ntlworld.com

Incidentally, please ignore the Amos2008 name on the blogs. This is merely the user name I signed up with and now I’m stuck with it.

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This blog is about old Pontypool. If you would like to read about Pontypool today please look below at the comment by Phil Watkins and click on the URL for his website.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Kridaya » French Cricket Says:

    […] it fun to talk about games you played in your childhood? Here is David Hughes with memories of those games, one of them French cricket: We spent most of our time outdoors when […]

  2. Rob Shipley Says:

    Good morning

    I found your blog by accident when looking for old pics of Pontypool.

    I was brought up there until the age of nine, the son of Thomas Mansell Shipley and Enid Shipley of 7 Lower Twmpath Road.

    In 1960 we moved to Jersey, where I have lived ever since. I am now the deputy editor of the local paper, the Jersey Evening Post.

    Your reminiscences are fascinating, but I was particularly thrilled to read the name Franketti. My maternal grandmother, Elsie Grimson, used to work in the fish and chip shop and I have fond memories of going there sometimes from Park Terrace School to eat my lunch in the big window overlooking the street.

    My grandmother is, of course, long gone. She was, however, perhaps the kindest, least selfish person I have ever met – humble but truly great.

    Yours nostalgically, Rob Shipley

  3. Phil Watkins Says:


    Is it possible to link mysite http://www.pontypool.co.uk/home2 with your website?

    and vice versa

  4. Phil Watkins Says:

    Hi Webmaster

    Sorry the url is http://www.pontypooltoday.co.uk/home2

    Sorry about this, its been a long day.

    Kind Regards

  5. owain price Says:


    I am looking for information on my grandfather who lived in pontypool for a short while in around 1930 to 1942, his name was raymond price, he was a professional boxer he fought many times in pontypool.

    Thank you,
    Owain price

  6. Sally Molwam Says:


    Regarding your query of the location of the Noah’s Ark pub. It was situated in High Street, left handside going up, third house above the junction of Gwent Street and about four houses before the Bush Inn. It was converted into two houses after it was closed and during my childhood the houses were occupied by my aunties. The houses then become number 17 and 18 High Street.

    Sally Mowlam

  7. angela firth Says:

    My father had a pharmacy at 1 crane Street – Elfyn Rees Ltd. The shop closed in 1973.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Please may I use your pub photogs in a museum display

  9. Dan Says:

    Hello I’ve found a feather with what looks like a contact number 01495 30296 was found in Newbury Berkshire I believe this to be a pontypool area code might interest someone steamed in red ink

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