A Happy Christmas to all my visitors


Below you will see the painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Frederico Barocci; this is his interpretation of the birth of Christ. It depicts Mary and an Ox looking down on baby Jesus who appears to be providing the light, illustrating his role as the light of the world.



I hope you all have a happy and blessed Christmas


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2 Responses to “A Happy Christmas to all my visitors”

  1. Liz McKernan Says:

    And a Happy Christmas to you too! At least we can still wish each other a Happy Christmas by email without being criticised!

    I spent two years at Art College but I have never seen that Nativity scene before. Really beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Dot Jones Says:

    Thank you Amos for your good wishes. I have great pleasure in reading your blog although I haven’t contributed lately. I did attend Linda Hevieux’s Talk at the Pontypool Museum last Saturday when she promoted her book entitled Forgotten”, the untold story of D-Days Black Heroes – 320th Barrage Baloon Battalion who at one time were stationed in Pontypool. It was very good to meet Linda and I am sure I will enjoy reading her book and wish her every success with it. By the way, I thought the Museum was excellent and well worth a visit so I became a Member. I was very surprised while looking around the Pontypool Rugby Section I came across a photo of my late husband taken in the 70’s with the Team. He wasn’t a member of the Rugby Team but was on the Committee at that time. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2017 to everyone.

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