Do you know anything about St James’ Field Pontypool?

Recently I’ve received a few emails from Leigh Priest. In the first one he says:

“I came across your fascinating blog a few days ago and wondered if you knew anything about the houses in St James Field, Pontypool.
We bought the house recently and it would be wonderful to hopefully discover some of its history.
It’s a three storey Victorian / Edwardian semi detached house with some beautiful original features.
We’ve been told ‘it’s a Hanbury house’….’it was a school’….’built for the railway managers’ etc but unless I can find out myself it will remain a mystery.”

I’ve made some brief enquiries of people who have lived in Pontypool for many years and none of them have ever heard of St James’ Field. When I attended West Mon, I know that St James’ Church was noted for its  youth club which was very large and very successful; that was in the days when teenagers actually went out to meet friends in person not online.  It was in the heyday of the youth club movement mostly in  churches.

I remember one day when I was in standard three at Town School we had a new boy who sat next to me. He was Geen Williams, the son of the new vicar of St James’ Church. He went to West Mon and became a member of the cricket team.

If any visitor can help Leigh with his enquiries about St James’ Field, please email me or make a comment.

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3 Responses to “Do you know anything about St James’ Field Pontypool?”

  1. Brian Says:

    I think ballads the dentist address was St James’s field

  2. Lionel Barrell Says:

    St. James’s Field(s) – yes, the very successful Youth Club, run by
    George Vaux and his wife, parents of Harry, of rugby fame, was a
    must for me on Monday and Saturday evenings in the mid-50s.

    Up the steep hill, next to it, led to the Ambulance Hall where my
    mother was the Cadet Superintendent. Eddie Mogford, again of
    rugby fame, was also involved in the St. John’s Ambulance.
    Next door – or two doors away! – was Mr Ballard’s dental practice.

    Beyond that, I know very little: wonderful memories of the Youth Club!!

  3. Kathleen King Says:

    St James Field houses are at the top of the steep hill next to St James Church.

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