Do you remember the Fullards of Forge Row?

I’ve recently received an email from Neil Roberts – published below – whose mother remembers a trip to Pontypool during WWII. If you are able to help him with any information, please make a comment.

Last week we had a glorious short break in Newcastle near Monmouth which reminded my mum of a trip to Pontypool during WWII to stay with the grandparents. All she can remember was that she had a wonderful time and that the row of cottages were built into the hill/mountain and to get to the back garden she had to go up one floor and then out the back door. The toilets and the wash rooms were in a separate block along from the row of cottages and there was a river or canal in the front of the cottages.
Her Grandad’s name was Fullard and he worked in the steel works. She believes it was called Forge Row or something similar. It would be great to get some feedback on this if possible so I could take my mum back there and hopefully show her roughly where it was.
Hoping you or your readers can help us?
Neil Roberts

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2 Responses to “Do you remember the Fullards of Forge Row?”

  1. Harold Clarke Says:

    Did this fullard have anything do do with ladies or woman’s choir Freda Fullard was conductor mid 1950s possibly Pontnewynydd were steel works and river fits

  2. Phil forward Says:

    Hi just found you query my family s name is
    Forward and lived at no 5 forge row for over
    Three generations my dad was one of 9 children
    And would have been there during the war I
    Visited my nan there as a child and loved it .
    Forge row is still there renavated in the 80s and
    Are now class 2 listed
    Kind regards phil forward

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