Do you remember Alfred William Hart or his Pontypool friends?

I’ve just received an email from Kate Tressider who also provided me with a photograph of six young men, one of whom is her Great Uncle Alf. Below I reproduce her email and also a copy of the photograph. If you recognise anyone on it please either make a comment or email me and I will pass on the information.


Dear David,

I came across your wonderful website and thought I would send you an email. I have a very long line of ancestors from Pontypool and the surrounding areas, dating way back to the 1800s. I have recently been researching my family history, and have found, among many other things, the attached photograph. 

The photograph is of my Great Uncle (Alfred William Hart – pictured on the top right hand corner, turned slightly inwards, with the striped hat on) He was born in 1922, so I would estimate that this photograph was taken between 1934-1940…  I would love to know if there is anybody who recognises the other people in the photograph, or if they have surviving ancestors. My Great Uncle was known as Alf to his friends; sadly he died in the Second World War on 8th June 1944; he volunteered to join the Royal Navy in 1943. He had an older sister, Irene, who was born in 1920. They lived at 19 Crumlin Street (Pontypool) with their grandparents.

I would be very grateful if this could be added to your website perhaps? Let me know if there is any other information that you think would be helpful – and apologies that I can’t provide much more at the moment.

Thanking you very much in advance,

Best wishes,

Alfie and friends

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5 Responses to “Do you remember Alfred William Hart or his Pontypool friends?”

  1. Lynda. Says:

    That’s a lovely photo, and could easily have been my dad on there, sadly he isn’t but what a lasting memento of great uncle Alf.

    • Katharine Tresidder Says:

      Thank you for your reply! Shame that it wasn’t your Dad on the photo…thanks for taking the time to comment though

  2. Sarah Morgan (nee:Pocock) Says:

    Wonderful quality to your photograph.

    I don’t recognise anyone but, do have ancestors The Pococks of Pontypool living Crumlin St and having a business there (cabinet making) right back to the 1800’s.


    • Katharine Tresidder Says:

      Thank you – it is surprisingly good quality, considering it is over 80 years old!

      Thank you for the information on your ancestors – I’ll do a bit of research – no doubt they would have known my ancestors at some point!


  3. Neil Beech Says:

    I’ve only just come across this picture, like you I have been trying to trace my family history, I still live in Pontypool not far away from where your uncle lived.
    The person in front of him is my father Fred Beech, who lived on the Twmpath, I recall him telling me of his friend Alf, they both signed on with the Royal Navy and went off together, however my father was a coal miner and they would not allow him to go to sea, he was returned home to work in the mines of South Wales. He was always thoughtful of “what if Alf and me were on the same ship”, I guess fate stepped in.
    They were about 16 years old when the photo was taken in Cardiff I believe they had all gone to see Wales vEngland rugby at Cardiff Arms Park.
    See Pathe News recording of game below

    Thanks for posting the photo, brought back some great memories, sadly dad passed away about 10 years ago.

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