Pontypool people. Do you recognise any relatives?

I’ve recently received some emails from Julia Jones who is the daughter of my wartime schoolfriend, John Paine who is mentioned in some of my posts. Julia has been sorting through some family photographs and has sent some to me for this blog.

One school photo contains a photograph of her uncle Frank Paine when he was in school, probably in Town School, but possibly George Street School. Julia says:

“I have been looking through some old family photos and have come across the following which may be of interest to some of your followers. 
The photo of the school children is I think of George Street School sometime in the latter half of the 1930’s.I have tried to attach the names to some of the faces but the only ones I can be certain of is that of my uncle, Frank Paine, and Margaret Booth Frost.”

Julia says in a second email about the same photo:

“Frank’s date of birth was May 1925, this seems to date the photo more towards the early thirties. I think they started school about four or five years of age. The sign in front says Babes 2. I expect this was the infant class.”

School photo

This could be George St School or Town School.
The names might be too small to read, but from left to right they are:
Frank Paine, Les Haines, Malcolm Durham, Charlie Phillips,
Billy Jones, L.F.Vaisey, Ivor Morgan, Doug Smith, Harold Gardener.
Betty Griffiths, Thelma Haddock, Margaret Booth Frost, Edna Young.
Hazel Jones, Flossie Edwards. Holding sign “Babes 2”.

 Frank 1

Frank Paine as army despatch rider

Mr Pearson & 3 friends

Mr T.B.Pearson (in dark clothes) with three friends and car.
Mrs Paine was Mr Pearson’s housekeeper at “Trosnant” in School Lane.

If you recognise anyone in any of the photos please either email me or make a comment. A lot of visitors to this blog are researching their families so some useful information might arise.

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2 Responses to “Pontypool people. Do you recognise any relatives?”

  1. Adrisn Says:

    I have just come across this photo of four people infront of a car with two wearing plus fours. I am sure the man on the right with the pipe is my grandfather, Robert Ivor Jones who was the headmaster of West Mon School. He retired in 1946 and died soon after.

  2. john godwin Says:

    Pontypool Personalities WW1&2 memorium Pontypool Heroes
    Can we invite blogs on notables (outstanding) , especially those who were decorated for truly outstanding service, especially in the forces.,eg 2 Mons SWB RWF etc.
    eg No 1 George Medal Winner
    Fireman Reginald Stone GM London Fire Service , decorated
    for outstanding bravery during the Blitz Died c 1985 RIP Trevethin
    A man of great character/humour, a Welsh miner I recall
    Comments invited
    John Godwin JWMS

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