The West Mon Annual School Quiz

While I was at West Mon from 1942 to 1947, every year on the last day of the school year we had the school quiz. Everyone had exactly the same questions no matter what the ages of the boys concerned, so it was possible for any pupil to win the prize.

All the teaching staff would take charge of a class each and the questions were called out. I can’t remember how many questions we had to answer but it took about an hour to complete the quiz. I can’t remember how the papers were marked, whether we exchanged papers and marked them that way or whether the staff did the marking. The former would have been quicker and would have enabled the winner to be announced the same day. Otherwise it would have meant that the winner would not have been known until the following term.

I have an idea that there was some sort of a prize but I can’t remember what it was. I imagine that someone must have made some sort of endowment to provide the prize but I cannot be at all sure of that.

Does any visitor remember the quiz? Did they participate and is it still happening? If anyone has any memories of this event please either email me or append a comment. Do we have a visitor who actually won the prize?


3 Responses to “The West Mon Annual School Quiz”

  1. BT Says:

    Good Morning. For the last 35 years I have been researching my family history. I have written 4 chapters of info and history of how we came to Pontypool etc. I have collect almost 1,500 pictures of the family going back to mid 1900s. I have a list of the connected families and at present, Pontypool Museum and the records office in Ebbw Vale are interested in taking copies of the digitally recorded info. Any ideas how this could help your medium. Please let me know. I have contacted Abersychan and Pontypool FHS but recd no reply to date. Thanks. Alan Black

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  2. Lionel Barrell Says:

    I have some recollections of the Stewart General Knowledge quiz,
    mainly because I won it! It was in 1958, my penultimate year and
    DC Harrison’s (the Head’s) last. Stewart might have been an ex-teacher.
    It was organised on a form basis but I can’t remember how many questions it involved nor how it was marked. The final three questions were always the same: how many steps lead up to the gym, when was the school founded and when did it open? At least,
    I THINK that’s right! 100 questions and marked by the staff, perhaps? There was a Junior quiz and a Senior one but I don’t recall a Middle version.
    The prize was a book which was given on Speech Day. I still have that book, ‘ Man and His Life the World Over’, retrieved from the archive when I read your piece!

  3. Geoff Nicolle Says:

    I remember the Quiz well. The first question was always who founded West. Mon. School? The answer was William Jones. In 7Arts ‘Oswald’ Moseley told us to tell a newcomer what the answers were to the first 3 questions.
    Someone told him the school founder was E.E.Williams who was our ancient looking Deputy Head.
    The new boy’s answer provoked gales of laughter but he took it well when he realised what we had done.

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