Photographs of Tirpentwys Colliery

A number of visitors have expressed an interest in Tirpentwys Colliery. I’ve received from Dot Jones some photographs of it which are published below.

The first coal extracted from Tirpentwys Colliery was in 1894. A tragic accident occurred there in 1902 when eight men and boys were killed when a winding rope broke and the cage plunged to the bottom of the shaft.

When I lived in School Lane our next door neighbour worked at the colliery. His name was George Bright and he had a wife named Clarice. Some visitors might remember him.






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10 Responses to “Photographs of Tirpentwys Colliery”

  1. Lionel Barrell Says:

    My father, Hubert Barrell, went to work at Tirpentwys in about 1924. He lived at 2 St. Luke’s Road and walked to and from with his father, Henry(Harry). He married my mother, Louvain Haysum, in 1934 and they set up home in Penygraig Terrace. It must have been at that time that he transferred to Hafodyrynys Colliery as he could take the train from Clarence Street Station.

  2. Sharon Jones Says:

    Hi, I’m just love learning all about our local history & I’ve just seen & read the bit about Tirpentwys Colliery & I’d like to know where about it was in our area. Please could you help. Thanks.

  3. Jeannette (Osborne) Randall Says:

    Fantastic to have pictures of Tirpentwys. To me it was a name but now I know where my grandfather David John George worked and where his sons, my mother’s brothers worked. There names were Will and Jack George, and they were working there during the 20s 30s and 40s. My mother was Phyllis May George and my father Tom Osborne. Both from large families of ten children. I am Jeannette Randall nee Osborne now living in Northamptonshre.

  4. Julia Jones Says:

    Hi, I remember George and Clarice Bright, they had a son named Bernard and lived in the house next door to my grandparents Ike and May Paine in School Lane. I remember they used to get coal delivered to the front of the house and Mr Bright moving it in a wheel barrow to the coal house at the back. I think the coal was free as he had worked at the mine.

  5. Paul Baker Says:

    My name is Paul Baker and i did my apprenticeship to be a fitter at Tirpentwys my father was Bob Baker a fireman i worked there until the colliery closed. I lived at Mountain gate Cottage Pantygasseg.

  6. Linda Norvill Says:

    Hi- My dad Thomas Warren (known as Denny) from Blaenavon was a miner at Tirpentwys. I believe it was early 1950s he first went down. He also worked in Top Pit as my mum calls it but not sure which colliery this is. I have been trying to get some photos or information on either colliery. If anyone would have photos they would be willing to scan and email or copy and post, I would be happy to cover the cost.

  7. Claire Oram Says:

    My Grandfather Henry Oram was a miner at Tirpentwys Colliery in 50’s.

  8. clive barnby Says:

    I lived two doors away from a family with the name Oram in the 50s in North Road in Pontypool. There were two sons, Gerald, who played rugby for Cross Keys – early 70s? – & Glyn who was some years older than Gerald. Can’t now remember their parents’ names. Any relation, I wonder?

  9. Wally Strachan Says:

    My good friend Harold Shepperd worked here and died 2 ays ago he has been in the north of Scotland for 20 something years and I would like to know if anyone knows of him. He was always known as Shep

  10. maggsy Says:

    JACK MAGGS Born next to the sally in 1919 started work there in 1923 with his farther .
    when it shut down went to hafodyrynys collery
    then because of maggy he went to glyntillery.
    where he finished his working life after 47 years all spent underground and lived till 94 years of age only to die from a fall
    a wonderfull man and a gentelman

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