Photograph of original pre-war Folly Tower and visit by King Edward VII to Penygarn

Some younger visitors might not have seen a photograph of the original Folly Tower. Dot Jones sent in this shot of the tower with Dot and her friend Doreen standing just outside the doorway.

Dot&Doreen The Folly118

You can clearly see some serious cracks in the stonework above the door.

When the flower Show was held in Pontypool Market there were other competitions apart from the flowers. One was a drawing competition depicting the Folly. My brother, Garth, who was very good at art, entered a very good pencil drawing and won first prize in that section of the show.

*     *     *     *     *

Dot has also sent in a photograph of King Edward taken when he visited Pontypool in 1937. The lady waving her arms is Lyn’s mother and the man in the trilby is his father.

King Edward065

Elsewhere on this blog I have described the day when I was in Town School Infants and we all marched to the bottom of Penygarn Hill to wave our flags at the King.

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5 Responses to “Photograph of original pre-war Folly Tower and visit by King Edward VII to Penygarn”

  1. Craig Smith Says:

    A marvelous picture of the folly. Is this copyrighted anywhere? Do you know who owns/reproduced it? As it would be a great addition to the Wikipedia article on the folly (,_Pontypool).

    • Dot Jones Says:

      Hi Craig, I own the photograph of the original pre-war Folly so I believe it could be used as you suggest.

  2. Sarah MORGAN Says:

    Thankyou I had seen the odd postcard of the original tower but, never such a clear photograph.
    Lovely to see

  3. Geoff Sumner Says:

    Much as I appreciate your postings I’m sure I won’t be the only one to point out that this was Edward VIII not Edward VII.

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