Pontypool woman doctor killed in London bombing

I publish below the press report of one of the many bombings in London because one of the victims hailed from Pontypool. It’s possible that some visitors to this blog might have known her or might even be a relative of hers. If so please email me or make a comment with any further details you might have.

London Bomb Victim

“Dr Lesley Maude Campbell Probyn, the woman doctor who was killed in a London air raid shelter in which many other people died, was a native of Pontypool, and daughter of Mrs Probyn, of Camden House, Park Terrace, Pontypool, and of the late Mr Campbell Probyn.

She was also distantly related to Mr E.S.Probyn, the Pontypool magistrate.

A single woman, aged 40, Dr Probyn was educated at the Convent School, Pontypool and at a school in Belgium. She continued her studies at Pontypool College, at London University and at Charing Cross Hospital, London.

She qualified in 1926 and held the degrees M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. For some time she held positions at Bermondsey.

She had been engaged on shelter work. It is reported that a heavy bomb hit the shelter and that her body was recovered from the wreckage.”

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One Response to “Pontypool woman doctor killed in London bombing”

  1. Lis Chapelhow Says:

    I understand from records in the London Borough of Southwark that the body of Dr Lesley Probyn was never recovered There is a ‘Blue Plaque’ on the wall at Stainer Street, London Bridge where the shelter existed when it was bombed. Dr Probyn and her two nurses are named in further information relating to the plaque. Lis Chapelhow nee Probyn.

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