Penygarn ghosts

Recently I was speaking to a lady who lives in Penygarn who told me that she lives in a house that is about 400 years old. She also told me that she has seen a ghost in the house, or at least part of a ghost, namely just one leg.

This led me to do some research and I came across the following anonymous statements:

” James Street, Penygarn.

In the mid 1980’s, the occupier of a council house in James Street reported unexplained noises, doors and windows rattling, icey-cold sensations, crockery smashing and a shadowy figure was allegedly seen.  The owners’ dogs would not settle in the house.

St Albans School

The school is said to be haunted by the ghost of a nun, who walks the main stairs and has been witnessed by a teacher.  The building was aquired by nuns in its early history, and it appears one of them wants to stay around!

 Cottage in Penygarn

The cottage Mum and Dad had bought in Penygarn had been owned by the Hanbury family. It was one of three cottages in old Penygarn and the address was 1, American Gardens (sometimes referred to as Quarry Cottages). The cottages had been built on the edge of an old stone quarry and a large part of the old quarry was our garden which made a very useful area for keeping livestock and was an interesting place to play. The approach to the cottages was from the back as they had been constructed to face towards the fields. Before they built the houses in Penygarn the fields went right down to the Hanbury’s residence in Pontypool.

 Over the years the cottage needed modifying to raise the roof to provide better bedroom accommodation and it was extended at ground floor level to install a bathroom and other improvements. When a new toilet was installed to replace the old one near our back door an archway was discovered which my father told me was part of a tunnel which went down to the Hanbury’s residence. This is difficult to verify as there has been so much building in the area but it is interesting that in James Street just down Penygarn Road there was a very high thick wall and on the opposite side there were three arches. My brother Eric used to play in them until they were bricked up for safety purposes. Maybe that is where the story of the tunnel came from.”

If any visitor can shed any more light on the above please either email me or make a comment.

I am wondering whether the address of 1 American Gardens refers to a house which, I understand, is very old and is known as “The Gingerbread House”, shown below.

Gingerbread House

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2 Responses to “Penygarn ghosts”

  1. Linda James Says:

    1 American Gardens is actual one of three cottages just off the one way system before the junction with Channel View. They are directly behind James Street

  2. Darren Powis Says:

    The American Gardens Cottages are also known as Quarry Cottages. They date back to a time when American Gardens stretched down further than they do know.

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