Cae Breast, Pontypool

Harold Clark sent in an email in answer to C.J.Welsh’s questions. I publish a copy of it below. He provided a map to explain where Cae Breast is. Other names on the map might also be helpful in answering some of the questions asked. I’ve added an aerial view map as this also might be helpful. The name “Coed Cae Breast” can be seen at the bottom of the first map.

“Cae Breast is located from the Folly down to Pontymoile. I am attaching a map. Not very good at blowing it up and emailing it so perhaps you can do it. The ruins of the HOUSE NOT FARM I believe C J is talking about is still there but overgrown. If you blow the map up follow the wall between the park and Cae Breast up you will see two green lines coming together near where they join park side of the wall. You will see an area marked as an oblong. When I was a child I remember seeing a very old grey haired lady living there, if not that cottage come back into the park at ninety degrees from the above and the ruins of another much larger house can be seen again. I think I recollect an elderly lady living here also but whether this would be classed as Cae Breast or Pontypool Park, I would look at records for the first one. Hope this is of some help to C J



Pontypool map

Map of part of Pontypool

Cae Brest?

Aerial view of the Cae Breast area




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8 Responses to “Cae Breast, Pontypool”

  1. Craig Smith Says:

    Hello – there is an image on Britain from Above that has Coed Cae Breast in 1939 on it. This shows a number of buildings in the vicinity when you zoom in. Interestingly you can also see how popular the public right of way up to the Grotto was as a permanent, well worn path is visible.

    See for more information

  2. Lionel BARRELL Says:

            Try Google Maps.   You can blow up the Grotto, so to speak, and work down towards the Usk Road.   The site of one of the       houses is fairly clear.   I have no recollection of anyone living there: no doubt there was, before my time.  I always thought       it was Cae BREST but Harold Clark’s map proves me wrong.   Lou Edmunds lived in the gatehouse next to the Park gates. If       anyone has links with him, that might be a source of information.   My father used to tell a story of one of his workmates,        whose wife was tiny, paying at those gates to get in to the August Bank Holiday fête and being told that it was half-price for       the child, his wife!!   My father was also in the Home Guard, their base was in Lodge Wood behind Saunders’ Garage, opposite       the Park gates.           Again, best wishes.       Lionel.  

    > Message du 18/02/14 10:24 > De : “Reminiscences of Old Pontypool” > A : > Copie à : > Objet : [New post] Cae Breast, Pontypool > >

    amos2008 posted: “Harold Clark sent in an email in answer to C.J.Welsh’s questions. I publish a copy of it below. He provided a map to explain where Cae Breast is. Other names on the map might also be helpful in answering some of the questions asked. I’ve added an aerial v”

  3. Glenys Hughes Says:

    My. Cousin living at upper race has a lot of knowledge of the cottage on cae Brest.he is gwillym Williams of brookly bungalow.he will be pleased to help in any history of the area

  4. T Stundon Says:

    I have an old map here which shows Cae Breast, the old poultry court and a lot more. However, the WordPress mail system seems to reject it saying it “can’t find a comment”.

  5. k mitchell Says:

    Log into and you can get OS maps from the past. Cae Brest shows up clearly on the Pontypool 1920 map.

  6. N Webb Says:

    My Dad, Theo Webb lived in the Poultry Court which is a ruin and grown over. My Grandad W. H. Webb. worked for the Park Estate
    and retired from there as Foreman. Gran Sarah used to tell a tale that when the Hanbury’s young son died,Ruth Hanbury used to visit her at the Poultry Court – the tale went Ruth Hanbury wanted to adpt Dad.
    Pheasant eggs used to be hatched there and the gamekeeper used to collect chicks . . or so my memory goes. Unfortunately time and distance fades detailed memory. My Dad also mentioned that some in the Webb Family lived up past the Grotto where the remains of staone walls can be seen close by the Folly as one emreges at the top ….

  7. terry price Says:

    my grandmothers house Lornecliff (mrs S. Langdon) was the first house at the bottom of the lane! And my father Tom Price was a member of the pontypool motor bike club that used to meet at Saunders garage ! It seems that my grandfather Mr E.Langdon died on pontypool bowling green in 1936! he was the president of pontypool and district C.E. union 1906, plus a well known park terrace preacher! Also owning a grocery shop in I THINK in conway road! could any one confirm, please!
    regards terry price

  8. suzanne cotterell Says:

    Cae breast, belonged to the capel hanbury’s, my ancestors the Watkins family lived there for some time, one of the sons was coachman for the family, and i found lots of information from the present hanbury , though i Don’t know if he is passed.

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