Photographs of Pontypool pubs wanted. Do you have any?

I recently received an email from Rebecca Roseff who is the Archivist of the Archive of Cider Pomology at the Hereford Cider Museum. She is interested in using some good quality photographs of Pontypool pubs for reproduction to use in an exhibition. If any visitors have any such photographs please email me a copy and I’ll see whether I can enhance them by computer.

One particular photograph Rebecca was interested in is the one of the people sitting in the Noah’s Ark pub.  This was sent to me by Clive Barnby. So, if you have a copy, Clive,  which is of good quality and could send me a high quality file I’ll forward it to Rebecca. The actual photographs on the blog are usually reduced to 72 dots per inch (dpi) but for an exhibition I should think she would need at least 200 dpi.


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