A plan of Town School in the 1930s

As I said in my last post, I would be publishing a plan I have made of the main building of Town School. As the Scholarship Class was housed in The Bungalow and separated from the main building, I have left it out. This is based entirely on my memory of the school about 75 years ago so I don’t make any claims about its accuracy. The whole of the Infants’ section I have hatched in blue.

I was taught by every teacher with the exception of Mr Hughes. I went straight from Miss Gameson’s class to Miss Brookes’, hence I am assuming that there were two standard threes. Then I went into Mr Rees’s class and then to Mr Petty’s for two years. If any visitors have different memories please make a comment or email me. It’s quite possible that there were not two standard threes; I can see no reason for it.

I did the plan by hand so it’s not a classic and it is certainly not to scale. If anyone has an architect’s plan of the school, which was built in 1838 that would be wonderful.

Town School planTown School plan as I recall it in the 1930s


One Response to “A plan of Town School in the 1930s”

  1. clive barnby Says:

    Diagram looks pretty spot-on, David. In my day, the 50s, what was Miss Brooke’s Standard 3 housed Standards 1 & 2 – you had to pass thro’ Standard 2 to get to 1, & the two classes were only separated by a wooden partition, which suggests it was designed & built as only one classroom. Standard 3 was in “Standard 2 Miss Gameson”. Standard 4 was divided into 4B & 4A – 4B was adjacent to Standard 3 (“Standard 1 Miss Lewis”) & 4A in The Bungalow. 4A pupils were those who entered for the 11plus exam – the equivalent of the old scholarship class & I think that term was still used occasionally, tho’ it was probably no longer appropriate.

    I think in my day (at least, the earlier years) there may – with the raising of school leaving age (ROSLA) to 15 – have been a Standard 5 (11-13 year olds) & a Standard 6 (13-15 year olds). These would have in “Standard 3 Mr Hughes” and “Standard 4 Mr Rees in your diagram, David. The old Standard 3 may have been converted to two classrooms to accommodate this extra class, & I’m not sure if there was a workshop – a wooden building accessed by an external metal staircase – somehow attached to the old Standard 3 for the senior pupils, but no one else seems to recall this, so perhaps it’s a figment of my imagination !!

    However, the senior pupils ceased in about 1955-56 – as well as ROSLA, the Education Act of 1944 provided for secondary education for everyone up to 15, and the building of Croesyceiliog secondary modern school in the 50s removed the need for pupils over the age of 11 to stay on at Town School. My main memories are of a couple of empty classrooms where the senior pupils had been. I think I may have taken my 11 plus exam in one of them.

    I think after I left in 1958, the infants section was also closed – with no infant intake, probably the beginning of the end for the school which eventually closed in the late 60s or 70s.

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