New antiques show coming to Pontypool. Can you help?


Yesterday I heard from Heather Absalom of the BBC who is organising “The Great Antiques Map of Britain”. The show will be visiting Pontypool. The three queries she raises are self explanatory so I print them below together with the second email she sent me. If any visitor is able to help with these queries please contact Heather direct. Her address, telephone number and email are at the bottom of her letter.

               Dear David,

 I wonder if you could help me?

 I am contacting from a brand new BBC series called The Great Antiques Map of Britain, in which our presenter Tim Wonnacott, will be travelling all over the UK discovering the people, the places, the antiquities and the collectables that tell the story of Great Britain.

 We are coming to the Pontypool to talk about the Allgood Family and Pontypool Japanware and I wondered if you might be able to help me with the below queries?

 1)    Have you had ever been contacted by anyone that may be a descendant of the Allgood family, or had ancestors that worked in the Pontypool Japanware industry? If so, might you be able to pass my details onto them to see if they would like to get in touch with me?

2)    Is there anywhere in Pontypool still connected to the industry, the old factory for example? In one article I read it mentioned that: Japanware was made below the Cross in Pontypool and soon afterwards in West Place, Crane Street, in what became known as Old Japan. Do these places still exist? Is there anything to commemorate the industry?

3)    I know it’s extremely rare, but we’re also looking for someone that may have a piece of Pontypool Japanware or perhaps something that they think might be Pontypool Japanware, that they would like to find out more about. We are in touch with the museum, but also looking for a private collector that could bring the piece to show our presenter.

 If you could help with any of the above, I would be very grateful.

 I look forward to hearing from you,  

 Many Thanks,


 Heather Absalom

AP – The Great Antiques Map
Room 0.08, 25 WLR, BBC Bristol, Whiteladies Road, BS8 2LR
01179 747 878 Ext (01) 47878

 *     *     *     *     *

Second email:

 Dear David,

 Apologies, me again, I knew that I would forget something! I had a fourth query, in each place we visit we will be pulling up with our mobile ‘valuation station’ in which our presenter will be looking at and valuing items that people bring along to him. We’re looking for a village green, or square to base this and I wondered if you or any readers of your blog could suggest anywhere in Pontypool for this?




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2 Responses to “New antiques show coming to Pontypool. Can you help?”

  1. Jane Says:

    I seem to remember there was a display in Pontypool Library of Japan ware, gone to Cardiff or Cwmbran?

    • clive barnby Says:

      I had (or have) a second cousin, Brian Thomas, a couple of years older, who went to Shoreditch college in London to do (what we would now call) CDT. It would have been about 1963-66 & he did a dissertation or project on Pontypool Japanware as part of his course. I dont if the college would still have a copy or if the college still exists – probably part of one of the “newer” universities. Unfortunately, I’ve lost touch with Brian – he went to teach/live in Witney, Oxon. Was still there last I heard.

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