Do you remember the FARR FAMILY?


As  I have said on several occasions, a number of visitors to this blog have been thrilled to find information about their families. Some send me emails asking about specific people who are their ancestors; and frequently the enquiries come from people in other countries.

Recently I received such an email from Jim Farr of Eliot Maine USA. I quote his email below:

 “I’m trying to find information on Lilly Ada Farr (born 1885), the daughter of William Henry Farr and Amelia Myra Phillips. William was a butcher and dealer (of pigs, I think, if he followed in his grandfather’s footsteps). Lilly would be my 1st cousin 2 times removed. I have heard that she was a spinster and ran some sort of shop in Pontypool. Other than that I have no other info. She was one of five sisters (Amelia, Gertrude, Beatrice, and Constance Evelyn “Effie”), all who died by 1919. I believe I found William listed in the 1901 Kelly’s Directory of Monmouthshire (Pontypool) as a butcher at Market hall. The middle initial is given as G. but I still think he is the correct one.

    I just found the blog tonight, so I haven’t started searching yet – except to have noticed what you wrote about Osborne Cottage – I recognized the name because the William Farr family lived at 4 Castle Terrace (Osborne Rd.) according to the 1901 census.

    Thanks in advance for anything that may head me in the right direction!”


It’s my policy, because of the abuse of email addresses by spammers, not to give out addresses without the specific permission of the owners, but if you have any information about the Farr family, please either put a comment on the blog or email me with the information and I will either pass it on to Jim or put him in touch with you.

Incidentally, talking about comments on the blog, I always allow them if they are relevant, no matter in how slight a way. But I have had some people trying to put on comments which have little or nothing to do with the blog contents; sometimes they are even trying to advertise their businesses. All these I refuse to allow and they end up in my trash bin. However, if you have made a genuine comment and it does not appear on the blog after a day or two please email me and I shall enquire into it. There is a slight possibility that your comment might not have reached me for some technical reason.

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6 Responses to “Do you remember the FARR FAMILY?”

  1. kath Says:

    There was a family with the surname Farr living on Osborne Road in the 1960’s – I know there was a son called Royston who would now be in his 60’s

    • clive barnby Says:

      I was in school (West Mon) with a Michael Farr, who was from Wainfelin. He would be 65-66. Met up with him at a school reunion about eight years ago. At that time he was living on the Twmpath, a house, I think, on the site of the former school. I was friendly with him for a couple of years & a few others who came from the Wainfelin area – Peter Hobby, Michael Regan (or Reagan), someone with the surname Arthur – can’t remember his first name now.

      • kath Says:

        I can remember the Hobby family who lived in the cottages that were in the front of George St Nursery there was Peter, David and Glyn Hobby
        . I believe Glyn Arthur went to West Mon.

    • clive barnby Says:

      Thanks for that information, Kath. It may well have been Glyn Arthur – he was about a year or so older than myself & Peter Hobby. Knew him really thro’ Peter & Mike Farr. I think he must have left West Mon perhaps after doing O levels – dont remember his being there in my last few years. I think Peter Hobby must also have left after O levels, again dont remember his being in the 6th & 7th form. Peter was quite bright, took O levels a year early, tall-ish, quite thin, played on the wing for the school junior teams.

  2. Peter Hemmings Says:

    I remember a Harry Farr living at 21, Rochdale Terrace, Charlesville, Pontnewynydd, Pontypool Gwent. NP4 26H

  3. Peter Hemmings Says:

    NP4 6SH sorry wrong code before

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