The Crown Garage in George Street and the Fynn family

Freida Murray came across this blog while researching the Fynn family for her son-in-law. The Fynns kept the Crown Garage in George Street, Pontypool from where they ran a taxi service.

Mr Fynn’s daughter, Edith, drove her father’s taxis and also wore a uniform. She was born in 1918.

I am enclosing below a photograph of Edith in her uniform. Does anyone know what badge she is wearing in her cap?

If any visitor has any information about the Fynn family, Freida would love to hear about it. Please either write a comment in the comment box or email me with the details and I will forward the information to Freida.

Picture 1

Edith Fynn in her uniform

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30 Responses to “The Crown Garage in George Street and the Fynn family”

  1. Craig Smith Says:

    Hello there.

    It’s hard to clearly discern that badge on the picture but it resembles the Royal Engineers. The uniform looks identical to a First World War. Wondering if she is in fact wearing a relative’s uniform from that period.

    Search “Royal Engineers Cap Badge” on Google and look at the badges for comparison.

  2. Peter Hemmings Says:

    Is it an old RAC badge ?

  3. Mary Bestwick Says:

    Our maternal grandmother was Minnie Fynn 1884 – 1943 sister to William. If this is of interest to Freida I am happy for her to contact me to discuss further?

  4. Freida M Murray Says:

    Thank you for your prompt replies. I’ve googled both Badges you suggest, but it’s hard to tell ! The RAC badge is a possibility with the Garage connections, but why the cane with a silver knob ?
    I gave the wrong date of birth, it is 1900, but 1918 was written on the old photo which mislead me. However I see her Driving Licence was date 1918 so that is likely when her photo was taken. She must have been one of the first female drivers in Pontypool !

    Thank you.

  5. Craig Smith Says:

    Hi again. I hope you don’t mind but I posted your pic on a badge identification forum. The consensus was pretty clear that it is a Royal Engineers badge shown in the picture.

    Other people also thought that in all likelihood she was wearing the uniform of someone known to her that had just returned from active service.

    From your research it clear she was a chauffeuse but probably not in the uniform shown in the pic.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Freida M Murray Says:

    Thank you very much for your help. Your idea makes sense – I felt the uniform was too big for her ! She did have brothers who would have been of the age to serve, though we have no proof. The cane too is a puzzle, surely she would not have had a cane as part of a driving uniform. When would one have a cane if in Service ? Officer?
    Many thanks.

    • Says:

      The photo you are looking at is of My great Aunt Ede. Her father My great Grandfather owned the Crown Garage in Pontypool. Her brothers Tom, Arth and Bill drove Wedding, Funeral and Taxis. My Aunt Ede. Emigrated to The USA in the late 50’s but returned in the 60’s. I am at present wring a book about the whole family who led fascinating lives. My grandmother Kate Fyn, Ede’s sister had many photos of them growing up. There were twelve of them. They used to enter parents in Pontypool and Newport and dress up in Fancy dress. Many were connected with horses and they often rode their horses as a part of these processions. I think my Aunty Ede was simply in Fancy dress. Her farther had been a voluntary fireman during the war. Uniform may have been his?
      Jason Hanlan. Grandson of Kate Giles nee Fyn

  7. Craig Smith Says:

    From Wikipedia (which you can take with a pinch of salt at times…)

    “In the British Army prior to World War I swagger sticks were carried by all other ranks when off duty, as part of their walking out uniform. The stick took the form of a short cane of polished wood, with an ornamented metal head of regimental pattern. The usual custom was for the private soldier or NCO to carry the stick tucked under his arm.”

    I generally thought that swagger sticks (the cane) were for NCOs and officers only but the above may indicate that it could possibly be a Royal Engineers’ cane.

  8. Craig Smith Says:

    BTW – if you let me know the full names/date of birth (even rough) of her brothers I can cross check the WWI records on and see if they signed up in south east Wales with the RE.

  9. Freida M Murray Says:

    Thank you for your comments re the swagger stick, it’s very interesting. Someone now tells me they feel sure both brothers served in 1stWW.
    Their names were William John Fynn born 1896
    Thomas Herbert Fynn born 1906.

    I must thank all of you for taking an interest and replying – it all helps.

    Freida M Murray

  10. Craig Smith Says:

    Alas, I could find nothing on either of these names in the WWI records.

  11. Freida M Murray Says:

    Thank you for trying. I do appreciate it.

    Freida M Murray

  12. Ian Fynn Says:

    I am also researching my Fynn family,who came from Bristol to Pontypool around 1900.My grandfather was Arthur Fynn b 1891 in Bristol to Thomas and Emma Fynn,who had 10 children all together.They first lived in Fowler street then Merchants Hill.

  13. Freida M Murray Says:

    Thank you for contacting us Ian, looks like you are from the same family. I am happy to share what I have found so far.
    Perhaps you’d contact me on my private address which the Web Master can provide.

  14. Ian Fynn Says:

    Thanks ever so much for getting in touch.I`ve actually been writing down what I know about the Fynns today,back as far as 1852 and will definately be in touch with you.Diolch.

  15. Chris Hanlan Says:

    Hello I am an ancestor of this family. Edith Mae Fynn was my grandmother’s sister, Katie Caroline Fynn who married Ernest Edward Giles. We have a few anomalies over younger children in the family, Arthur, Charles and Christian who seem to have a different father? The name Joseph Brice crops up. He was a lodger in the 1881 census of Thomas and Emma Fynn in Bristol.any information would be great

    • Kathryn Bestwick Says:

      Hello, Chris It looks like we are related. Our grandmother was Minnie Fynn, sister to Katie and daughter of Thomas Fynn and Emma Hambling. I have some details of the Brice family if you want to contact me?

    • Margot Kneen ( prev ingress mother :pam porter ) Says:

      oh my how amazing
      .. my grandmother was Edith . My mother is Pam who is Edith’s daughter . I remember Katie

      • Gill Hanlan Says:

        Hi, I have often heard Barbara ( my mother in law) mention Pam Porter. If you ask the Web master he will give you our e mail to make contact. I can then send you what we have collected so far

  16. Ian Fynn Says:

    Hello Chris,good to have a new post on the Fynns.Arthur was my grandfather who lived at Merchants Hill,Pontnewynydd.Charles and Christian were his brothers,all children of Emma Fynn from Bristol who had 10 children alltogether.If you Mail David Hughs the Web Master he can give you my E-mail,thats how I got in touch with Freida M.Murray last August.I have really enjoyed finding out about the family since then
    so please get in touch with me,Ian.

  17. Freida Murray Says:

    Hi Chris, Nice to hear from you. If you contact the Web Master he
    will give you my address and I’ll be happy to share what I’ve got on this family.
    Freida Murray

  18. Roger Truscott Says:

    Hi Freida, Mary, Kathryn, Chris, Gill, Margot and Ian,
    We are all related!
    I too am descended from Minnie Fynn, born 1884 in Bristol (maternal grandmother) and would be glad to share family history information I have on the Fynn/Hamblin families with any of you.

  19. Eleanor Fynn Says:

    I know this thread was posted a long time ago, but I am a Fynn. 32 years old so a lot of these names i haven’t heard. I have recently been in touch with Ian Fynn (above) whos uncle was my grandad Charlie Fynn, unfortunatly i never got to know him. My dad is Paul Fynn (or Stephen Paul Fynn as he was born) who married my mum Barbara Fynn. Not sure if that helps in anyway.

    • Chris Hanlan Says:

      We have an entry earlier on in the post- Chris Hanlan, whose Grandmother was Katie Caroline Fynn. Hello! Our children are your age so we are a generation older. (I am coming up 59) Do get in touch as we have quite a lot of information. Do you have dates of birth for your parents to see where they fit in the tree?

      • Eleanor Fynn Says:

        Hi Chris, My dad Stephen Paul Fynn was born 9th November 1951 and unfortunately passed 21st August 2010. He married my mum Barbara Gwendoline langan 29th August (I believe 1971) Mum also passed away sadly, she died on the 21st December 2010. As you can imagine, I don’t have many people left to ask about my family tree now so anything I get is always valuable to me.

  20. Chris Hanlan Says:

    Hi Eleanor we can send you the tree to date to see which branch you fit in,malt bough from the dates you have given, I think we have a generation gap in the tree. Please can you send us your contact details so we can attach the diagram. Your message does not show your e mail address. Ours shows further up the string of messages. Kind regards

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