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West Mon Mock Election

July 2, 2013

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I recently had an email from Ray Griffiths, an old Westmonian who remembers the mock election at West Mon in the early fifties. I have to admit that there were no mock elections when I was at West Mon in the forties but when I left the sixth form to transfer to Howard Gardens High School in Cardiff I soon became embroiled in a mock election there. I suppose it might have been the post-war election that increased the interest in such events.

Ray says that the “political parties” involved in the election were:

The Mathematical radicals

The Frankenstein Fascists

The Romantic Reformers

and the Oglites

 Apparently the speeches from the candidates were delivered from the steps leading up to the school gym.

Ray reports that the election was won by the Romantic Reformers who offered an unbeatable programme of the closest possible liaison with the “County”. The Oglites came in second.

If any visitor remembers any further details about this election please feel free to make them known in a comment,