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Further news about the snowfall of 1947

July 28, 2013

Regular visitors to this blog might remember an early posting:

Recently I received another email from Geoff Lloyd who has memories of this occasion. He also sent me three photographs, all of  which I share with you below.

Many thanks Geoff.

I well remember the 1947 Snows, living on Varteg Lane, Varteg. The snow drifts in some places were up to the first floor windows and people had to dig a tunnel out. We schoolboys were quite happy as it meant no school for about 3 weeks.

The local coal miners were of course unable to get to the pits and together with all the other residents had to dig out the road to Garndiffaith so that supplies of bread and milk could be delivered.

Searching through my photographs I have found 2 of the road being dug out – the car belonged to my father, Herbert Lloyd, and he was waiting for it to be clear so that he could drive down to Garn & Varteg Co-op Chemist’s Shop at Garndiffaith, where he was the pharmacist in charge. There is also a photograph taken about 1936 of him outside the Chemists, some of your very old contacts may remember the shop.”


Herbert Lloyd’s car

Digging out the road at Varteg


Herbert Lloyd standing outside his chemist’s shop


Crown Garage Pontypool – the interest grows

July 9, 2013

As you can see from the many comments on this blog post, there has been a lot of interest in this subject which, I imagine, has been of help to Freida as she continues her research.

Some taxi drivers have been in the habit of wearing uniforms to identify the firm they work for. A peaked cap and gauntlets were often part of the uniform.

I have recently received from Freida the following photograph and comment:

 Picture 2

“I think I have solved the mystery of Edith Fynn’s cap badge,   it appears to be part of her uniform for the family business.

The attached photo I believe to be her brother with the same Badge in his cap.

Many thanks

Freida M Murray”


As you may have read, Craig Smith, in his comment, takes a different view when he writes:

“Hi again. I hope you don’t mind but I posted your pic on a badge identification forum. The consensus was pretty clear that it is a Royal Engineers badge shown in the picture.

Other people also thought that in all likelihood she was wearing the uniform of someone known to her that had just returned from active service.

From your research it’s clear she was a chauffeuse but probably not in the uniform shown in the pic.

Hope that helps.”

Who knows? We might yet get to the bottom of this puzzle.

The Crown Garage in George Street and the Fynn family

July 4, 2013

Freida Murray came across this blog while researching the Fynn family for her son-in-law. The Fynns kept the Crown Garage in George Street, Pontypool from where they ran a taxi service.

Mr Fynn’s daughter, Edith, drove her father’s taxis and also wore a uniform. She was born in 1918.

I am enclosing below a photograph of Edith in her uniform. Does anyone know what badge she is wearing in her cap?

If any visitor has any information about the Fynn family, Freida would love to hear about it. Please either write a comment in the comment box or email me with the details and I will forward the information to Freida.

Picture 1

Edith Fynn in her uniform

West Mon Mock Election

July 2, 2013

Picture 1

I recently had an email from Ray Griffiths, an old Westmonian who remembers the mock election at West Mon in the early fifties. I have to admit that there were no mock elections when I was at West Mon in the forties but when I left the sixth form to transfer to Howard Gardens High School in Cardiff I soon became embroiled in a mock election there. I suppose it might have been the post-war election that increased the interest in such events.

Ray says that the “political parties” involved in the election were:

The Mathematical radicals

The Frankenstein Fascists

The Romantic Reformers

and the Oglites

 Apparently the speeches from the candidates were delivered from the steps leading up to the school gym.

Ray reports that the election was won by the Romantic Reformers who offered an unbeatable programme of the closest possible liaison with the “County”. The Oglites came in second.

If any visitor remembers any further details about this election please feel free to make them known in a comment,