Information needed about people from North Rd and Edward St

My blog has now been running for exactly 5 years this month. During that time 115,575 hits have been recorded on it. A good number of people have come across it by accident while searching for family members. One person who did this quite recently is Adele Reynolds (nee Thomas). I publish below the email I received from her and also a photograph of her great-grandfather and grandmother.

“I have recently stumbled upon what I believe is your blog about Old Pontypool and do hope I have found the correct contact details for you.

 I was born in 1974 in Pontypool and moved to 90, North Road in 1976 and all of my father’s (Malcolm Thomas 1953 – 2007) family that I know of are or were from Pontypool too. 

My Grandparents, Glenys Thomas nee Gardner (1929 – 2013) and Kenneth Thomas (1925 – 2012) lived at 100, North Road. 

My Great Grandmother, Susan Elizabeth Turton nee Harrison (I think) (1903 – 1995) lived at 55, Edward Street. (Her last name is from her second marriage, she was previously married to Glenys’ father Mr Gardner.) However I am struggling to find information on my blood Great Grandfather although I do have a photo. 

Picture 1
My great-Nana Turton with her husband

What I really want to find out is any information anyone may have with regard to my Grandfather Kenneth and his family, I have been told his father Ernie, kept Shire horses and that he was married to a lady called Mary (this was his second marriage I have no information about my Grandfather’s mother). Kenneth had a brother called Ernie and a sister called Gwyneira (sp?).

If you can help with anything I would be eternally grateful as I have started a family tree on and I have come to a complete standstill. Times like these I want to call my Nana who passed away just a month ago, why I never asked before is beyond me.  

If the blog is indeed yours many thanks, I have learned so much about the place I will always call home.”

If any visitor can supply any information on Adele’s family I’m sure she’d like to hear about it. Please either write a comment or send me the information and I shall pass it on. I notice that Glenys Gardner, Adele’s grandmother was born the same year as I. As she lived in North Road she would have attended either Town School or Park Terrace. As I don’t recall her name (though I don’t profess to remember all the names of those in my class) it’s likely she attended Park Terrace. Does anyone, now aged about 83, remember her?

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7 Responses to “Information needed about people from North Rd and Edward St”

  1. T Stundon Says:

    I was very friendly with Malcolm before he moved to West Wales (The days of his green mini van!).

    • clive barnby Says:

      Don’t really have any info to assist Adele but lived in No. 88 until 1958. I think the Scarretts (not sure of the spelling, nor if that’s quite the right name) & I’m not sure whether George Day, a local councillor, later lived in No. 90. The Williamses lived in No. 89 but not sure when they left. Three sons. The two older ones – Peter & Lyndon, I think – were a few years older than me, then there was a bit of a gap & the youngest son was about 2-3 years younger than me.

  2. Adele Reynolds nee Thomas Says:

    That made me smile about Dad’s green mini van. I have photos of him with it. We moved to Plymouth in 1985 (still here, still hate it, still desperate to get back to Wales one day). Dad later moved back to Wales (Newport) and then worked in West Wales for a while before his death in Newport in 2007. I believe Mr Day lived at No. 88 if my memory serves me correctly.

    • clive barnby Says:

      I may have got the way the nos. run the wrong way round – it’s a long time ago that I left North road. No. 90 is perhaps two doors down (i.e. towards Broadway) from 88 in which case when I lived in North road, the Orams lived at 90. One of the sons, Gerry, played rugby for Cross Keys, late 60s/early 70s. Across the road in the old cottages lived Jeff Jones, played rugby for Welsh schoolboys, later Nuneaton.

      George Day could have lived in No. 86. It wouldnt have been 88 as I still had relatives living there (i.e. No. 88) when he (George Day) lived in North road.

  3. Lenny Larcombe. Says:

    Adele Reynolds,sad to hear of your dad’s death although I hadn’t seen him since we were at school together. Some good memories. Lenny.

  4. Harold Clarke Says:

    Back in late 1970s met a guy by the name of Turton and his. Wife Surname before marriage Kendel both as I did had lived in Edward Street they were living in Wormslow Hereford I have forgot their first names my mate will never forget them they told to call around for a dozen chicken we thought ready for oven they were still alive the two a lot older than us perhaps if you can search around that area you might find out something

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