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A Griffithstown enquiry

April 2, 2013



I’ve just received the following enquiry from Mary Lurvey who, like many other visitors to this blog, is researching her family tree.


Hi David, 

I’m Mary,  I think your pages on Pontypool and surrounding areas are brilliant, I however am interested in Griffithstown for the reason my grandparents Percy and Nell and father Peter Durman were living there. My grandparents may or or may not have stood out from the crowd because of their accents originaly from Taunton in Somerset.  

My grandfather worked on the railways somewhere around Griffithstown in the later part of the 1920s and early 60s and I know they lived at 39 Oxford Street (which still exists).  

My father was born in 1927 at a place named Ashley Cottage and I know my Grandfather was on the railways at that time. 

I know this is going to be a long shot but does any of this info sound familiar to you? I only have this information because I’m researching my family tree.  Would you have any memories or know of someone that would? “THANK YOU” for taking the time to read this email.

Kind Regards



I remember visiting a Great Aunt who had a shop near Oxford St, also from Taunton. Would this ring a bell?  Again Thank you.


I can’t remember anyone called Peter Durman. As he would be two years older than I it’s possible he might have gone to West Mon the same time as me; but, of course, he might have attended another school. If any other visitors to this blog know anything about Mary’s family, please email me with the details which I will pass on to Mary; or I can put you both in touch if you are both agreeable to this. I don’t publish the emails of visitors who contact me unless I get their permission to do so. I’m sure you appreciate the reason for this.