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The Word Press Annual Report on this blog

January 1, 2013

The Word Press people are the providers of this blog facility.
At the end of each year they supply me with an annual report.

Some of the graphics in the report are of interest only to me, but I enclose below the four which I think might be of interest to many people who visit the blog, some of whom come from far distant corners of the globe.

Picture 1
The above figures show that there were about 170 views every day

Picture 2

This shows which posts were viewed most during 2012

Picture 3
his shows the countries where visitors came from. White means no one visited from that country.
A country with shading means that someone from that country visited the blog.
The darker the shading the more people visited from that country.
If you notice the British Isles are shaded a very dark blue indicating the greatest number of visitors.

Picture 4
hese five gentlemen were the ones who made the most comments.
Quite a lot of other comments were made of course.
I’d like to thank all those who helped by making comments which added further information etc.

Little did I think, when starting this blog, in 2008 that so many visitors worldwide would have had any interest in Pontypool. I’ll now have to see what interest 2013 brings.