The great Afon Llwyd flood

It’s amazing how little it sometimes needs to set of a memory recall of many years ago. I’ve recently experienced this as a result of the severe flooding in various parts of the UK over recent weeks.

As I have recounted in earlier posts, when I was living at Wern Terrace my family and I used to walk from there to Osborne Cottage in Pontnewynydd to visit my paternal grandparents. We also visited them when we lived at Wainfelin but the journey was about half the distance.

During some of these visits some of the older folk would recall the terrible flood that had occurred some years earlier when the Afon Llwyd river was almost full to the top of the banks and they saw pianos and dead cows floating down the river. It must have been a frightening sight for my grandparents as the banks of the river were only a matter of a few yards the other side of the garden boundary hedge.

No one had apparently taken any photographs of the event and I have never come across any reference to it anywhere, but I should think that there must have been some reference to the flood in some newspapers at the time. I know that some regular visitors to this blog contribute to newspaper archives, so I’m wondering whether they might have come across an account. I’ve done a Google search but found nothing.

I can’t remember a date being mentioned when the graphic story of the flood was told to me but, as we moved from Wern Terrace when I was seven, it must have been either in the very early nineteen-thirties or, more likely, some time in the nineteen-twenties. I can’t guarantee these dates as I am going on a memory of close on 80 years ago.

I suppose hoping for a photograph of this event is a bit ambitious but a newspaper account is a reasonable hope. So if anyone has any information, please email me or make a comment.

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One Response to “The great Afon Llwyd flood”

  1. s baldwin Says:

    Hi, just searching the internet after speaking to my Nan, with the recent flooding she mentioned a story about a time when the waters were high in Pontnewynydd on the Afon Llwyd, at the bridge by the legion her Grancha Smallcombe noticed people gathered at the bridge staring over at the edge at the water. He glanced over to the river to see what they were looking at and saw a young boy being throw around in the river’s swollen waters, he proceeded to dive in and brought the child to the safety of the riverside, my Nan recalls the child as being about 10 years old but sadly she believes that the very same child later died at around the age of 16 in a accident on his push bike. I will find out if she can remember a rough date for the incident.

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