A photograph of the Robin Hood Inn Pontypool


The Robin Hood Inn

For some time past there has been a lot of interest shown in the Robin Hood Inn. Some viewers have visited it and even lived there. Others have had relatives who were the landlords at one time.

I have recently received a photograph of the Robin Hood from Brian Walker. He tells me that it was taken possibly in the late sixties from the bridge  where the old Talywain line crossed the Cwmnantddu line.

It’s rather a distant view but, at least, it’s still standing and presumably in use. If anyone has any more photographs of the Robin Hood when it was still in use please email them to me as enclosures and I’ll put them in a future blog post.

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8 Responses to “A photograph of the Robin Hood Inn Pontypool”

  1. Audrey Ross Says:

    I was at school with Kathleen Allen at Cwmffrwdoer in the 50’s. Her parents ran the pub. There was a wonderful wild flower meadow over a style from the pub. It was later ploughed and planted with firs by the forestry commission.

    • Taylor Philip Says:

      Hi Audrey, I also was in Kathleen Allen’s class in Cwmffrwdoer Junior in the 50’s, -our family lived in Oakdale square! Philip Taylor.

  2. Carol Grey Says:

    My great grandparents Oliver Richards and Sarah ( nee Gregory) ran the pub and my gradmother Violet Richards lived there in 1911. She was 9 years old. Thanks for the photo.

    • Jeff Oates Says:

      Hi Carol
      My great grandfather was the same Oliver Richards, who ran the Robin Hood pub, but there seems to be some confusion regarding his wife’s name. According to my research, his wife was called Elizabeth (nee Matthews) and the 1911 census shows the whole family (except Eva Lily, who had obviously left home by then. My grandmother was Violet’s older sister Florence Mabel. I would love to contact you, to share any missing details in our family trees. Perhaps Mr Hughes would be kind enough to pass on my e-mail address to you. I also have a lovely photograph of the family which I can forward to you if you would like a copy.

      • Carol Grey Says:

        Hello Jeff, Yes you are correct Our great grandmother was named Elizabeth( my mistake) I remember Mabel, we used to walk to her house when Violet was living in Oakdale Road, Pontnewynydd. I would love to have a copy of the photo. I have quite a lot of research done on the Richards family which I would be happy to share with you.

        Best wishes


  3. Carol Grey Says:

    Dear Mr Hughes, please could you forward Jeff Oates e mail to me so that that may contact each other. We share the same great grandparents who ran the Robin Hood pub in 1911. Thank you

  4. Carol Grey Says:

    Hello Jeff please contact me about our family and I would love a copy of the photo you have. I remember Auntie Mabel, as she came on a holiday with us all to Butlins. I think I have a photo, so could look it out for you.

    best wishes


  5. Jeff Oates Says:

    Dear Carol
    I would love to pass on the photo and try to fill in some gaps we may have in each other’s trees . I will ask David to pass on my email address so that you can contact me. I think he has changed his email address but I have a friend who sees him each Wednesday and he has promised to ask for his new address.

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