Aerial photographs of Pontypool


Many visitors might have heard on the TV news today about the large number of aerial views of the UK which has been put on line. When I opened my emails about an hour later I saw that Craig Smith was really on the ball and had found some interesting photographs of West Mon School and some general shots of Pontypool. Craig sent some comments together with the URLs for accessing the photographs. I am most grateful to him for doing this; you will find his comments on the post about West Mon.

The people who are constructing the website concerned would like to know the dates of the photographs and details about them, so below you will find a selection of the photographs. I have mostly given each one a number. If any eagle-eyed visitors can email me with dates and any other details I shall edit this post with the details published below the photographs. (My email is:

Photograph 1

Photograph 2

Photograph 3

Photograph 4

Photograph 5
This is a photograph of West Mon School taken from the rear.
It shows a cricket match in progress on the school cricket pitch.

Photograph 6
In the top half of this photograph is a distant view of West Mon.

Photograph 7
Another shot of West Mon. This time from the front.

Photograph 8
This is Pilkington’s Glassworks.

 Photograph 9

Photograph 10

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One Response to “Aerial photographs of Pontypool”

  1. welshwaller Says:

    Spent today at a rather ‘sad’ event, attending the funeral of my Uncle. He was an old Westmonian, at the wake were three other old Westmonians (one older than the rest !) who hadn’t met for a very long time indeed. We spent an hilarious couple of hours remembering ‘nude swimming’, detention, canings and the ‘dap’, prefects, lines, fags behind the shed and various teachers who seemed to enjoy beating us up ! I came home and googled WMS, and smiled again ! My Uncle was Terry Fry who was a Gwent Policeman, another Gwent Policeman, Mostyn Sadler was there, Christopher Fry and me, Slim Fry. Well done on doing this blog, keep it up !

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