Titch’s Secret Society Chapter 6


The book arrives

    “How do we do it Titch? How do we do it?” yelled Gogs warming to the idea.

“I’ve got it!” shouted Titch jumping up off his flower pot and banging his fist into the palm of his hand. “Listen! Those men belong to a society that investigates ghosts, or so they say. Our secret society will investigate them. Right?”

“How cool is that?” exclaimed Miff giving Titch a hearty slap on the back.

“Wizard idea!” added Gogs suddenly realising the possibilities of Titch’s suggestion.

“Yes, and we can have this greenhouse as our headquarters,” said Smudgie, and then added “Er . . . that is if Bunny’s father will let us.”

“Oh he won’t mind,” said Bunny. “But if it’s going to be a secret society, this won’t be a very good place will it? I mean, this place is made of glass.  Everyone can look in here when we have our meetings.”

“Yes, I hadn’t thought of that,” said Smudgie dismally.

“Never mind that!” cried Gogs jumping up and down excitedly with his hands and dark hair flapping about in the breeze of his enthusiasm.      “When do we start? What do we do Titch?”

“Hang on a minute Gogs,” laughed Titch. “We haven’t formed our society yet. That’s our first job.”

“When can we do it?” asked Gogs.

“Look! Sit down Gogs and listen!” ordered Titch. “The book I sent for should arrive on Monday. I’m hoping it’ll tell us all we need to know. Right? So if you all come around to my place on Monday I can tell you whether the book has arrived. If it has we can go up to the old tower and have a meeting inside.”

*     *     *     *     *

Bright and early on Monday morning the other four descended on Titch’s house. Gogs, of course, was first, but the others soon followed. They were all delighted when Titch told them that the book had arrived and that it was full of all sorts of useful information. But he refused to say anything else until they had their meeting.

They climbed the steep hill in record time, their noise putting to flight a large group of seagulls resting on the tower. Sitting in a semi-circle on the large stones, they all faced Titch as he drew the book out of his pocket. The very sight of the book overcame Gogs as he jumped to his feet and stared at the book over Titch’s shoulder. He was enthralled as Titch began to read.

Gogs stared at the book over Titch’s shoulder

    “In this book it says that to form a secret society you first of all have to give it a name, then elect officers from among the members, then you make the rules and then . . . well, you just carry on being a secret society.”

“What do you mean by ‘selecting officers’?” asked Smudgie. “Do you mean like they have in the army?”

“I didn’t say selecting, I said electing,” replied Titch.

“Will we have uniforms like in the army?” queried Gogs who was now really worked up to a high state of excitement.

“Oh, shut up Gogs!” yelled Bunny. “Titch will explain if you just give him half a chance.”

Titch leaned back against the tower wall and surveyed his new book with a sigh. “It’s like this,” he began, “all organisations have what they call ‘officers’ to see that things are done properly. They are a bit like army officers but not exactly. They generally have a chairman who is the chief. Everybody has to do as he says. Then they have a secretary who does all the writing and things like that, and they have a treasurer who looks after the money.”

“How do we know who’s going to do all these things?” asked Smudgie.

“Well, we each have a little piece of paper,” explained Titch patiently. “Then we write on it who we want to be chairman, or whatever officer we’re voting for. The one who has his name on most bits of paper is elected and he does that job.”

“Just like voting for councillors,” added Bunny.

“But first of all we’ve got to call ourselves something,” continued Titch. “Anybody got any ideas for a name?”

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