Severe Pontypool weather in 1940s

On August 19 2008 I wrote a blog post about Pontypool’s big freeze   <  Pontypool’s big freeze of 1941  >  On February 5 2009 I wrote about Pontypool’s great snow of 1947    <  Pontypool’s great snow of 1947  > You might have read these.

I have recently received an email from Michael Taylor with some photographs of these events. I assume that the first photograph is of 1941. Certainly this is typical of what could be seen all over Pontypool and the surrounding areas. You can clearly see how the weight of ice has brought down the cables and has even pulled over the massive post.


The ice-covered cables caused them to crash to the ground

The other four photographs below are of the snow in Pontypool Park in 1947. I imagine these were taken after the first fall because they do not show how deep the snow was, in some places well over a foot with drifts considerably deeper.

Snow on Pontypool Park tennis courts 

Snow covered Pontypool Park

Difficult to see the paths

Snow-laden tree in the park

My grateful thanks to Michael for providing these photographs.

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