See the video: “Who Killed Dripping Lewis?”

In my blog-post about the Peake’s coach tragedy, I mentioned Monty Dart who is currently writing a book “Who Killed Dripping Lewis?” I wrote briefly about this murder on 25th August 2008 in my blog-post entitle “Murder Most Foul in Pontypool”.

Monty has really gone into this matter and has researched all manner of documents including the Scotland Yard files. She also has the list of all those who gave evidence; strangely enough one of them was my old Boys’ Brigade captain, Jim Hamer. I mentioned him in a previous post.

Monty has recently emailed me to say that she has put a short video on Youtube giving a short introduction to the book. It is due to be published in September this year and I’ll put a special post on this blog when that happens. In the meanwhile you might be interested in looking at the video. Just click on the link below:

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One Response to “See the video: “Who Killed Dripping Lewis?””

  1. Audrey Ross Says:

    He was so called because he sold dripping, rendered animal fat. It could be used to fry chips.

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