Three photographs of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Following on my earlier post about the Pontypool Snow White, I would like to thank Michael Taylor for sending me three photographs of this event which are shown below.

I was discussing this with my friend, Eric Smith, who has lived in New Inn for many years and he informed me that he knows Molly Lovejoy who was Snow White and that she is still living in New Inn a few hundred yards from his house.

No news about any of the dwarfs yet but there is still time.

 Molly Lovejoy as Snow White walking in the park with the
Carnival Queen, Marianne Gill of Abertillery and 
Ivor Jones the jeweller. 

 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I presume the adults
in the background are carnival officials or possibly
the judges of the Snow White competition.

 This photograph shows part of the float which was
entered in the carnival. 

If any visitor has any more photographs or information about this event please send them in for future publication.

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One Response to “Three photographs of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

  1. Neil Watkins Says:

    One of these dwarfs is my Uncle Gus (Lawrence Watkins ) from Edwards Street he won a Guinea for appearing , My Aunt has the names of all the dwarfs and Snow White I shall have to ask her for them .

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