Murder at the Parrot Inn and some old photographs of Pontypool

I’ve recently received another email from Mary (ptcp officer at Pontypool Museum) in which she says that she was given the name of one of the wrestlers by a lady who remembers reading about the murder at the pub. His name was “Fancy Fan” (or possibly “Fran”) and came from Blaenavon. If anyone knows about this character please write in and say.

I don’t think he would have gone to West Mon ! Living in Blaenavon would have put him in Priestley House (named after the first headmaster). Certainly while I was at the school I can’t recall anyone who looked like a transvestite wrestler. No, I’m sure he would not have been an old Westmonian !!

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I’ve just received several photographs from Clive Barnby of Pontypridd. They were given to him by Allan Everson and I publish them below:

Moreton Street, Pontypool. This photograph was probably taken during
the construction of the houses in Moreton Street. This was given to
Allan Everson by a lady who lived in one of the houses on the left of the
picture. You can just see two people looking out of the bedroom windows
and a young boy standing under the scaffolding.

Brian Everson when in the RAF.
This is Allan Everson’s older brother. I’m including it because
Brian and I shared the same double desk when we were in
Mr Rees’s class in Town School. We were about nine at the
time. I liked Brian and we got on well sharing similar interests
such as Tommy Handley’s ITMA broadcasts during the war.

This is a photograph of some of the customers at the Noah’s Ark public house
in Pontypool, taken about 1930. I don’t know where this pub was so if anyone
can remember it please let me know.

*     *     *     *     *

I was recently looking through an old scrapbook of mine when I came across two very old photographs of Crane Street which were taken about 1850. In the first one you can just see the entrance to the narrow lane (under a large sign) at the side of Sandbrooke and Daws. This is where I saw the sheep being slaughtered which I described in a much earlier posting.

Lower Crane Street

Upper Crane Street

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3 Responses to “Murder at the Parrot Inn and some old photographs of Pontypool”

  1. Clive Barnby Says:

    From what I recall of some of the Priestley House boys, Fancy Fan might well have been a Westmonian, David !!

    Joking aside, some older Westmonians may be interested to learn that in the 1950s Priestley House suffered a bit of a decline which reflected, I guess, the decline of the Blaenavon area. Their numbers were smaller, and the house tended to fare poorly in the annual sports event with the result that the house was merged with Daniel House to form Daniel-Priestley (or Priestley-Daniel).

    However this didnt really stem the decline, and in the 60s pupils were allocated to each house arbitrarily in order to ensure equal nos. I think this was a loss because in each house you had had some sense of community or solidarity as your “housemates” were the lads with whom you travelled to school on the bus, lived near, &c.

    I think these days the old names of Daniel, Hanbury, Jones, Priestley and Watson have been replaced by others.



  2. Photographs of Pontypool pubs wanted. Do you have any? | Reminiscences of Old Pontypool Says:

    […] photograph Rebecca was interested in is the one of the people sitting in the Noah’s Ark pub.…  This was sent to me by Clive Barnby. So, if you have a copy, Clive,  which is of good quality […]

  3. catherine parry Says:

    Hi i have got some pictures of the Globe in crane street, my dad was publican there from 1971 until 1978 ,the year after mum died there , i will upload them in next few days for you , cath parry was Lewis, mum and dad were john and kitty

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