I understand from Eric Smith that the Pontypool Museum are looking for information and, hopefully, a photograph or drawing, of the Parrot Public House. It was situated somewhere on Osborne Road during the last century.

I further understand that the pub had a rather “colourful” reputation for reasons which, at the moment, are unknown. I suppose parrots are rather colourful birds aren’t they?

If any visitors know anything about this place, please either email me at so that I can hand on the information and also publish it on this blog, or get in touch directly with the Museum at Pontypool.


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  1. Kevin Says:

    Just a quick one to let you know that the remains of the Parrot Inn are in my back garden, I have some photos of the remains from the mid 60s, late 80’s period and early 90s when we removed most of the remaining stone. I have pictures of the spiral stone steps and fireplace before it was removed, also during the late 90s I filled in the remains of the brick arched roof cellar. Unfortunately all that remains now is a few stone walls.

    I saw the article in the local paper and intend to contact them to see if they are interested in seeing the photos I have, I also have deeds for the land dating back to the 1830s.


  2. Darren Jones Says:

    My Great Grandfather Morgan Jones and his wife Mary Falvey lived here in 1913, Think the must have stayed in lodgings in the pub. Am told it was in the yard at the side of the DIY shop that is there now. Think there was also a “Pop Factory” there.


  3. Kevin Says:


    I think that may have been the Crown Brewery next to the DIY shop. The Parrot Inn was sited close to the TA Drill Hall at the top end of Osborne Road.


  4. Darren Says:


    Sounds even better as they had left the family home in Canal parade, to go to the old Parrot for a while,before leaving there for Pettingale Cottages, which are now under Llandegfedd.


  5. michael taylor Says:

    2 more family to add to your list on the Canal Bank,
    in no3 Bill Eve and daughter Sandra, next door sy and dot Bunce,

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