Fairfields of Pontypool crops up again

Regular visitors to this blog will remember that Jan Davey was interested to know where Fairfields was. I think the consensus was that it must have been houses that were built on what was known (in the 1930s and 40s) as “The Fairground” near the river at the bottom of Penygarn Hill. In a recent email I received from Jan this idea seems even more likely. I quote the relevant part of Jan’s email below:

“Thanks for your e.mail regarding Fairfields in Pontypool and Jeff’s reply in response to the matter. I understand from a conversation I had with an elderly Aunt of mine who actually remembered visiting there (possibly in the late 40s or early 50s) that it was definitely “down by the river, next to the park, behind where the old Post Office and Labour Exchange were situated”.  Before receiving this information from my Aunt, I actually explored the area up at Wainfelin, that being the only ‘Fairfield’ I could find in Pontypool. However, it simply did not relate to any description that I can recall my mother shared with us about her childhood.  She always talked about the park and that her mother (who was an avid film buff) spent a lot of her time at the cinema, which I understood was not that far from where they lived.  So yes, if Jeff or anyone else has any further information that they would like to share on the subject I’d love to hear about it!

My Grandmother still lived at the property (8 Fairfields, Pontypool) until some time in the late 50s before it was demolished by the Corporation.  My Aunt said my gran along with the other residents there were offered new housing nearby but that my gran refused to move (even though her house was in such a bad state!) and eventually had to move in with my Aunt in Blackwood.  I simply don’t know of what construction my Gran’s house was other than my Aunt’s description of it having a round roof similar to that of a nisson hut and that it was decrepit!?! The fact that the properties there were given a proper address and that they were numbered means that they must have been legitimately recognised by the authorities and should have some documented history as they were demolished by the council in the 50s.  So if anyone has any advice as to how one might make enquiries relating to the history of these properties, perhaps to the council,  I’d really appreciate them passing it on to me.”  

If anyone has anything specific to add such as map references, or, ideally, photographic evidence, I’d be pleased to hear about it and will pass the information on to Jan.

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