Old photographs of Clarence area

I’m trying to establish some sort of theme for these old photographs in case some visitors might have a special interest. Last week the theme was the Pontypool carnival. This time there are only three photographs and they are about the Clarence and Rockhill Road slightly beyond it.

Clarence corner

This looks like a really old photograph of Clarence corner. Notice the cloud of smoke coming from the gasworks over on the right. On the left two people are standing. I remember that area quite well because it was somewhere about there that Dr Siddons had his surgery. I visited the place on a number of occasions with my mother, sometimes in a state of fear and trembling. I recall that he had his own dispensary adjoining the surgery. I think my parents used to pay 2/6 a quarter to be members of his surgery and this included any medicines which might be provided.

The Clarence Hotel

The Clarence Hotel was considered to be the “posh” hotel in Pontypool. On the left you can just see the RAC sign of approval.

Corner of Rockhill Road

This looks like a very old photograph of Rockhill Road. I assume it IS Rockhill Road; I can’t think of anywhere else that looks like this picture. I imagine that the Pontymoile park gates are down to the right on the road in view.


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6 Responses to “Old photographs of Clarence area”

  1. Terry Stundon Says:

    It definitely is Pontymoile. The kids are sat outside the old “Truck Shop” and the building opposite with the pine end showing is where Bullen’s Roofing now stands.

  2. Terry Stundon Says:

    2/6 per quarter….. That sure beats BUPA’s rates!
    We held our 1980’s evening wedding celebrations in The Clarence Hotel after a reception at “Johnny Gould’s”.
    The Clarence hotel was still pretty plush then and I’m pretty sure that Mrs Fitzgerald was the manageress at the time.

  3. Terry Stundon Says:

    The site of the old gasworks has recently been excavated to a fair old depth in order to comply with environmental regulations. The whole area of the Clarence (Except the hotel and a few other buildings) was recently subject to a demolition and redevelopment plan and CPO’s were issued.
    However, these grand plans seem to have evaporated in the face of the latest financial crisis and many of the buildings are now up for auction.

  4. Alan Black Says:

    The shop on the corner of Rockhill Road was owned and run as a general grocery store throught the 1960s by Mr Mrs Herbert. There was a water spout in a wall nearby and the photo was taken from the road that went down to the canal and the lock keepers cottage.

  5. Laurie Oliver Says:

    We lived at Maesderwen Crescent from 1962 and I remember walking to Herbert’s shop, along Fountain Road (where my best mate Paul Wilkins lived) and having to climb the “three legged bridge” as it was called – over the railway tracks. We used to stand on the top when a steam train came through and would be enshrouded in the steam – which was great fun, although not very healthy! Halfway down Fountain road, was a cottage, at the top of a small grassy tump – which I beleive was once a Quaker meeting place, but was demolished to make way for the new road, as was Ruthers Fruit & Veg merchants and the WMOB Club.

    • Geoff Thomas Says:

      I also remember Herbert’s grocery store. I lived with my grandparents Green in Maesderwen House from 1943 to 1954. Happy days!

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