Old photographs of Pontypool

Recently one of the visitors to this blog, Terry Stunden,  kindly sent me a large collection of photographs of Pontypool and the surrounding area. Some of them were fairly modern and some were very old. Terry has waived the copyright as far as posting any of the photographs in this blog is concerned as many of the photos are his own. He also doesn’t think there is any copyright applying to the other photos. I therefore plan to publish some of these photographs. I have certainly never seen some of them before so I expect a lot of visitors won’t have seen them either.

If the copyright of any of these photographs is owned by any visitor to the site, please let me know and I will remove them.

In this first batch of photographs I am including some very old shots. If anyone has any information regarding any of them, I should be interested in hearing about it with a view to publishing the details later.

Aerial photograph of Pontypool


Abersychan Police Station


Old fire engine


The Three Cranes, Crane Street

Well, that’s the first lot. I hope you find them of interest. If there are any young people studying the history of Pontypool in school they might find them useful. I shall be publishing more photographs soon.

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4 Responses to “Old photographs of Pontypool”

  1. michael taylor Says:

    the pub in the photo is the SWAN not the Tree Cranes

  2. mature wideboy Says:

    I have done something similar on my village in England u might be interested.My dad had a restaurant in Porthcawl in the 70’s and 80’s and I went to Pontypridd Polytechnic whilst living in Bridgend. We first moved to Wales with Borg Warners at Kenfig Hill. I have 200-300 old photos of Arlesey Bedfordshire.

  3. Susan Symes Says:

    I used to live in Central Mews crane street in between Pearce’s the jewellers and Hodges the men’s clothes shop. We looked onto the back of the Globe hotel. Brings back lots of memory’s.

  4. Marilyn Snook Says:

    yes can remember Central mews… and West Place..Murial in the jewelry shop? top and Bottom Fowlers and goodness knows how many pubs have closed.

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